Sustainable membrane filtration solution for reusing brine and improving the hygiene of the brine production process

Reusing brine

An important part of the cheese-making process is brining. The cheese is treated in a brine bath, where salt is added to improve the flavor, provide a good texture and extend the shelf life. However, brining tends to generate an excess of brine water which has an negative impact on the environment. And is expensive to dispose of, both in terms of transport and treatment costs.

Together with CEVAP Technology, we have developed BRINEX; a comprehensive, sustainable solution for the recovery of brine from the excess brine water, which offers new possibilities and benefits to our customers.

Benefits of BRINEX

Using our membrane filtration solution offers many benefits:

  • 98% reduction of brine surplus
  • Hygienic improvement of brine production process
  • Reduction of transport costs
  • Reuse of minerals

Current brine treatment 

The current brine treatment technology is primarily focused on removing microbes and contamination to maintain the stability of the brine. By using microfiltration or ultrafiltration, the cheese manufacturer can return the brine to its original state. However, this doesn’t reduce the excess.  In addition, the high atmospheric pressure of brine means that additional filtration techniques are unable to effectively remove water from the brine. As a result, excess brine volumes have to be transported.

Our solution

Our solution BRINEX, is based on the unique combination of microfiltration and a special evaporation technology. The system uses microfiltration to clean the surplus by removing fats, microbes and bacteria from the excess brine. This results in clean brine. Next, a small plastic evaporator is used to evaporate this clean excess brine, which drastically reduces the total volume; only clean water remains. The concentrated brine goes back to the brine bath and can be reused again.


The result

This process enables the dairy industry to recover brine from the surplus, thus significantly reducing transport and handling costs. The purified brine that is filtrated and the condensate released during the evaporation process, can be reused. In addition, it improves the hygiene of the cheese production process and reduces the amount of minerals that needs to be added to the brine significantly.

Want to know more?

Our BRINEX system contributes to a more sustainable dairy industry. Interested in what our membrane solutions can mean for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us!