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We develop unique membrane filtration systems to meet our clients’ challenges in the food and dairy industries. Our success lies within our passion, knowledge and experience.

Contributing to sustainable future

As Masters in Membrains, we develop unique membrane filtration systems to meet our clients’ challenges in the food and dairy industries. Our solutions are intended to reduce the cost of complex processes and boost profitability and growth. Our success is defined by our passion, knowledge and experience. Our specialists are always at your service and you can count on their effective support.

We believe our smart, groundbreaking membrane filtration systems are the key to success in producing high-quality food and dairy products. In this way, we can contribute to a sustainable future.

Meet the team

Get to know our Masters in Membrains.

Henk Schonewille

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Henk Schonewille has over 30 years of international experience in water and wastewater treatment based on membrane technology, with extensive knowledge of both the technical and commercial sides. He offers a strategic vision and direction while also stimulating sales performance, to make waves both within and on behalf of an organisation. Henk Schonewille has served as CEO of Wafilin Systems since 2017. In this role, he has established the strategic course and focus, and professionalised the organisation.

Henk Schonewille

Jos van Dalfsen

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— R&D Director

Jos van Dalfsen has over 12 years of experience in R&D and project management for water technology. He has headed up the position as R&D Manager at Wafilin Systems since 2018. In 2022, Jos’s role was extended as he joined the new Board of Directors of Wafilin Systems. His work involves close collaboration with customers from the food and dairy industries who are seeking out unique membrane solutions. In developing these solutions, he relies on the Food and Water Application Centres at the WaterCampus, and works closely with membrane suppliers.

Jos van Dalfsen

Harry van Dalfsen

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— Founder & member of advisory board

Harry van Dalfsen has 50 years of membrane technology experience in membrane and application development. He was part of the original team that developed and produced membranes in the Netherlands and is the founder of Wafilin and Wafilin Systems. He is universally respected for his innovative skills. Since 2004 he has single-handedly developed numerous innovative applications at the WaterCampus in Leeuwarden, for a variety of sectors. In 2022, Harry van Dalfsen handed over his operational role to Jos van Dalfsen and took a seat in the Advisory Board.

Harry van Dalfsen
Gerbrand Siegersma

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Account Manager

Bram van Gelder

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Account Manager

Eric van der Wal

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Installed Base Manager

Thomas Roersma

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Manager Technology

Marte Roorda

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Sales Engineer

Jelmer de Wal

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Sales Engineer

Erwin Blauw

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Team Leader Project Engineering

Emile Lammers

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Project Engineer

Jelmer Postma LinkedIn icon

Project Engineer

Richard Keizer

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Junior Sales Engineer

Katja Kadlecova

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Application engineer

Geeske Schaap

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Office Manager

Kirsten Snakenborg

Administratief medewerker

Marloes Vos

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Manager finance and control

Ruth Rottiné

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Strategic Marketing Consultant

Strategic goals

The Big Five for Life method helps a company formulate the reason for its existence (‘Why’) and corresponding strategic goals (‘What’). Because everyone at Wafilin Systems understands these goals, we all share the same focus and can continue to develop as a company.


Our five main strategic goals are:


  • Membrane Application Specialist: We create unique solutions with R&D, engineering and delivery of membrane systems.
  • Business: Our market focus provides scalable, sustainable solutions.
  • Partners: Smart and strategic partnerships maximise added value.
  • Result: Quality and reliability are vital to all of our services.
  • Team: Individual performance and responsibility enable our further development and success.


CEO Henk Schonewille, on the reason for existence of Wafilin Systems: “We are the Masters in Membrains: creators of smart, innovative membrane filtration solutions, contributing to a sustainable future.”

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