Membrane solutions in the food & beverage industry

We help your food & beverage business recover resources from process streams, extract valuable components and raw materials to purify valuable process streams.

Select the right
membrane to optimize the process
Concentrate, clarify and
purify process streams
Optimize production processes

Purifying valuable process streams

In the food and beverage industry, membrane filtration enables various applications in process stream clarification, concentration and separation. It can extract valuable components from process water, such as fats, proteins and sugars, and makes it suitable for reuse. Moreover, our membrane filtration solutions purify valuable process streams, such as condensate and cleaning, rinsing and washing water, for reuse as process water. This closes the water cycle and increases the sustainability of your processes. We are confident to apply our knowledge and experience to find the best solution for you, your needs and your product.

Benefits for the food and beverage industry

  • Extraction of valuable proteins
  • Enhancement of product quality
  • Improvement of productivity and efficiency
  • Reduction of water and energy consumption
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Sugar fractionating

Our membrane filtration systems make a valuable addition to various steps in sugar processing. Our systems are used to clarify and concentrate sugar juices and to fractionate and separate different types of sugars. Sugar juice concentration offers you the benefit of saving energy in the existing evaporation process. Fractionation provides a purer final product, resulting in higher quality and value for your product.



Concentration of oils and fats

Our membrane applications can be used to separate or concentrate both vegetable oils and animal fats. In addition, our systems are often applied in hydrolysate processes to remove impurities for the purest possible collagen protein product. In this way, we help you increase the quality and value of your final product.


Oil & fat

Recovery of plant-based protein

Our membrane systems are used to extract plant-based proteins from plant materials, such as potatoes, peas or soy. We also offer solutions for protein fractionation, to separate the various types of proteins. This increases protein values and enables further processing into higher concentrations. Protein concentration also produces a water stream that can be reused in the production process. Our application enables end users to reuse the water from the starch and protein production processes. This means our membrane filtration systems are a circular and sustainable solution.

Plant-based protein

Condensate polishing

Condensate is water that is formed during evaporation of industrial processes, a common process in the food industry. Our membrane filtration ensures the removal of any micro-pollutants in the condensate, known as polishing. Polishing produces water that is safe and reliable for reuse, which reduces your water consumption. It also guarantees the stability of the water composition.


Recovery of fatty acids

More often, our membrane systems are used to recover fatty acids from fruit and vegetable waste. We can apply membrane filtration to isolate these valuable components from the process and concentrate them. This enables optimal conversion of former waste streams into valuable raw materials.

Fatty acids

Alcohol purification

We use our membrane systems to purify the alcohol solution and enhance product quality. This boosts the output of valuable ingredients and improves the final product.


Beer clarification

Our membrane filtration systems can be used in beer clarification and alcohol removal. Filtrating yeast from the solution results in  bright and clear beer. Removing alcohol from the solution, results in a non-alcoholic beer that retains the distinctive beer flavor and aroma. This way, we can improve your product quality and preserve key quality features such as taste stability, colour, aroma and shelf life.


Juice concentration and clarification

Concentration of fruit juices is possible thanks to our membrane technology, reducing your evaporator costs. The key benefits of our membrane filtration systems are improved product quality, better preservation of aroma and higher output of valuable ingredients.

Juice concentration

Our project highlights

Sustainable alternative for protein recovery in starch processing.

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In cooperation with Wafilin Systems, we have been able to optimise our production process. Not only did we increase the effiency of our process, we also have been able to enhance the quality of our (non-)alcoholic drinks. It is pleasant to work with the team of Wafilin Systems. They are fast, flexible and have a lot of experience.

Jan Michielse Technical Manager Cluster Europe at Döhler Group