Privacy policy

Your privacy is important to us. On 25th of May the General Data protection Regulation came into force. This regulation leads to a further tightening of the legislation on the protection of (special) personal data. For Wafilin Systems B.V. (Futher one: WS) the impact of this regulation appears to be limited. Within WS, the following data streams are identified, in which personal data can be present.


1. Customers

WS operates in the B2B segment. WS customers share personal data with WS on a limited scale. The data they provide are:

    • Names of contacts
    • E-mail addressess of contacts or other personal contact information related to social media
    • Personal phone number

WS acts as the controller in all circumstances in which it is in contact with customers. An internal privacy regulation and an (external) privacy statement form a good basis for the privacy policy, which must be accompanied by awareness by the employees of WS.


2. Suppliers

Here, too, there are business contacts with companies and other organizations.
Personal data that are meant are these contacts that are essentially the same as mentioned in point 1. Customers.

In addition, there are a number of suppliers who can be considered as processors of personal data of WS as controller. These include:

    • The payroll processor
    • The supplier (administrator) of the ICT facility

A processing contract must be concluded with such parties. Pay attention to any subprocessors that these parties cooperate with.


3. Personnel and temporary workers

Personal data are recorded for this group of persons that are necessary to comply with legal obligations (payroll administration), good and responsible personnel policy (functioning and development) and registration of company property provided (lease car and mobile devices).

This group can also record special personal data, data on incapacity for work and membership of a trade union, for example. For these data it is absolutely essential to ensure that these can only be accessed by parties for whom their processing is based on a legal basis or for the execution of an agreement.

If you have any further questions about how we handle personal data, please feel free to contact us.

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