Solutions and references

Wafilin Systems has an extensive track record of references, consisting of various membrane filtration systems. We deliver a large array of membrane based solutions in the industry.

Large array of
membrane solutions
Smart and flexible
Skilled and experienced

Wide range of membrane solutions

Wafilin Systems has an extensive track record of references, consisting of various membrane filtration systems. Our team of skilled engineers can optimize your existing systems and support you to develop new applications using membrane separation technology.

Serving a wide range of industries and applications, we deliver a large array of membrane based solutions in the industry, including:

  • Micro filtration (MF)
  • Ultra filtration (UF)
  • Nano filtration (NF)
  • Reverse osmosis (RO)
  • Electrodialysis

We select the best membrane for our clients process, in which we cooperate with and use a wide range of membranes of renowned suppliers. Through this we have access to different types of membranes such as: hollow fibre, ceramic, spiral-wound and tubular membranes.


Custom made solutions

Our engineers customize systems to meet the clients demands and standards. Our membrane technology for process water treatment can be adjusted to the existing process of our customer. Over the past years this resulted in the design and integration of a variety of membranes solutions such as:

Spiral Wound – RO

NF system Sensus

Spiral Wound NF

Wafilin-_Chaincraft featured

Tubular – UF

Wafilin-_Full Range Membrane Filtration Plant featured

Multi-purpose pilot installation

MF system Sonac

Ceramic MF

The SmartFlex

SmartFlex is our range of smart modular membrane systems. The system consists of a number of standard membrane blocks that are combined with other standard components of a membrane filtration system. The number of membranes, type of membranes, or other components such as the pump can be adjusted depending on the system’s application. This makes our SmartFlex Systems flexible and easy to use.

Benefits of our SmartFlex

The main benefit of our SmartFlex membrane systems is that it allows us to deliver tailored, flexible solutions to our customers using our standardised designs. SmartFlex combines standardisation and flexibility due to its smart design. We may use standardised systems, but the needs and wishes of our customers always come first, and we will help you find the best possible solution for every situation.

  • Short lead time of construction and delivery
  • Efficient and cost-effective
  • Transportable skids
  • Fast anticipation on issues or changes
  • Smart design
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Standardised SmartFlex membrane systems

Thanks to our standardised designs and agreements with our suppliers, we can offer a short lead time for the construction and delivery of our systems. SmartFlex systems allow us to work more efficiently and cost-effectively. In addition, using an existing lay-out ensure a faster and more effective engineering phase, and therefore cheaper.

Building the dismountable and transportable skids in the workshop, makes them easy to integrate and saves time in on site construction work. Furthermore, our Masters in Membrains already designed and delivered multiple SmartFlex systems and gained a lot data from the system’s components. This enables them to anticipate faster on any issues or process changes and greatly reduces the chance of any errors.

Development of our SmartFlex membrane systems

Using our experience, we look at the system’s expected functionality to define the scope of delivery and  which components it should contain. Next, we determine the standard skid design. We focus on standardising the skid’s structure, constructing it to be as modular as possible to increase efficiency. We create standard engineering documents that can be adjusted by omitting or adding options, in consultation with the customer.

System design and applications

We offer several system designs and applications based on our SmartFlex membrane systems.

SmartFlex CFUF (Crossflow Ultra Filtration)

This system is based on tubular membranes and is suitable for cross-flow applications, such as the concentration of biorefinery process streams: Starch processing, Sugar refinery, organic waste streams, etc.

Dallmin system CFUF

SmartFlex CMF (Ceramic Micro Filtration)

This system is based on ceramic microfiltration membranes and is applicable for high temperature applications, such as sugar clarification, hydrolysed solutions or blanching water. It can be also applied in less extreme processes but with a specific fractionating purpose such as; spore/bacteria removal, casein fractionation or fat recovery.

MF system Sonac

SmartFlex SWNF (Spiral-Wound Nano Filtration)

This system is based on spiral-wound NF membranes and is used in the food and dairy industries for processes such as the fractionation of milk, fractionation of sugar, desalination of whey or the concentration of proteins.

Smartflex SWRO

SmartFlex SWRO (Spiral-Wound Reverse Osmosis)

This system is based on spiral-wound reverse osmosis membranes and is used in the food and dairy industries for processes such as the concentration of milk, whey and other streams, or the recovery of water from process streams.

Smartflex SWRO

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