Announcing partnership LARSSON and Wafilin Systems

Bangkok – February 11th, 2020 LARSSON, and Wafilin Systems today announced their partnership during the start of the 9th Starch World ASIA in Bangkok. The two-family owned companies are specialist in tailor-made process-solutions for plant-based protein from the global starch industry. With this collaboration, joint customers are able to convert raw materials into valuable (food) products, realize their business objectives and competitive edge.

Since last year the companies have been working together for different customers in the starch industry. They experienced that both organizations understand the importance of the development of high-quality products in the food and believe that a collaboration can help secure that fundamental value. Henk Schonewille, CEO of Wafilin Systems says: “it is our ambition is to play a significant role in the protein-transition to more plant-based proteins from various sources which are an essential part of healthier nutrition and together with LARSSON as a partner we accelerate in this”.

Or as LARSSON CEO Jörgen Larsson explains: “It turned out to be a successful match. Now that the collaboration is going so well, it is time to intensify this further”. With this announcement the companies express themselves to expand the existing cooperation and to further join forces. From now on, LARSSON and Wafilin Systems tackle projects that contains the best tailor-made process-solutions for the global starch industry. It goes without saying that the announcement of this collaboration took place at the 9th Starch World Asia.

9th Starch World Asia
The Starch world conference highlights the future of Food Processing, Starch, Agriculture and Starch industry. All the Starch Industry Leaders collect to Bangkok to analyze breakthroughs in this particular industry. It is the conference where LARSSON is willing to contribute more than just a platinum sponsor. LARSSON asked Wafilin Systems to share their experiences and know-how from the potato starch processing. Jos van Dalfsen, R&D Manager shared their story about the recovery of resources form potatoes. A tangible example of how the collaboration is expressed. CEO Jörgen Larsson, “the combination of our technologies will bolster the development and commercialization of the business of our joint customers: our technologies – your profit”.

“Thinking in value instead of waste and doing business in an environmentally friendly way is in our genes, says Henk Schonewille. “It is our job to take into account the daily work and its possible development of it. But sustainability is also helping to make the world a better place for our future generations. That is where LARSSON and our company meet.



LARSSON, founded in 1948, is a leading solution provider to the world-wide starch industry. The expertise of LARSSON covers the entire starch process for the various sources i.e. cassava, corn, wheat, potato, pea, etc. An esteemed customer base is enjoying the great benefits of the LARSSON patents and advanced machines, equipment and technologies incl. extraction, refining, de-watering, evaporation, and drying. The head office and plant are based in Bromölla, Sweden. There are offices and trading companies in China, Belarus, and Brazil as well as highly qualified sales & service representations in other key areas including Thailand. With a strong network of specialized partners LARSSON can provide a wide range of innovative solutions for native & modified starch, proteins, fibers, sweeteners, etc. Fulfilling the challenging demands of yield, efficiency, hygiene, and sustainability. For over 70 years reliable, innovative and putting customer first, LARSSON is committed to the success of the future starch industry.

Please read more on their web page – click here.

About Wafilin Systems

Wafilin Systems is the creator of ground-breaking and unique membrane filtration systems that make an essential contribution to the supply of high-quality products in the Food and Dairy industry. Branches where high quality and safety requirements are set. Examples of this are the extraction of hidden values in process flows such as, the recovery of vegetable proteins from alternative sources and which contributes to a healthier diet. In combination with a saving of water and energy, this results in a reduction in the C02 footprint of the customers.

The company is based at the WaterCampus, alongside the Water Application Centre (WAC) and the Food Application Centre for Technology (FACT), that provide them with their own research facilities to develop unique solutions for their customers and partners.

Wafilin Systems: Masters in Membrains.

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