Avebe Ducam: we started

All of our project partners started with the fabrication of the various parts of the installation. At one of our suppliers, Westra BV in Elahuizen, we are working on the construction of the Avebe membrane skids. Our master Thomas Roersma realizes that it is becoming very real now. ‘Our design comes to life that gives me a boost’, Thomas laughs. ‘Westra BV is a specialist in stainless steel and is one of our partners for the construction of membrane filtration systems since the first day of Wafilin Systems’, says Harry van Dalfsen.

‘We found each other in our vision on quality and the way we cooperate with each other,’ says Renze Westra, director of Westra BV. Renze Westra and Harry van Dalfsen have been friends for more than 40 years. ‘When building large-scale installations, it is important that we communicate clearly and understand from each other what it takes to fabricate these robust membrane filtration systems. Everything starts with the design and the explanation of it’, says Thomas Roersma. ‘After years of experience, a half word is enough and that is a very pleasant and effective way of cooperating’, says Harry van Dalfsen.’

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For more information about Westra BV, go to: www.westra-rvs.nl

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