Big Five For Life helps Wafilin choose direction for 2020

We truly believe that it is important to keep developing ourselves, both individually and as an organization. The main driving force behind this continuous improvement are the goals that we set for ourselves. Of course, Wafilin wouldn’t be successful without our young, talented team of passionate individuals. Because of this, we find it important to develop the company as a team, through strategic sessions in which everyone has a chance to contribute to the future of our company. With the help of the Big Five for Life concept, we are able to improve personally and as a company.

In the last months, we had two strategic sessions which were facilitated by Sijbe Bonsma, director of BFFL Netherlands. After determining our objectives we defined a plan of action which we will follow.

The process for the development of this plan of action was as follows: first of all, we started with an online poll do decide which actions we were going to focus on this year. After a list of actions was decided upon through this activity, every member of Wafilin had to choose one of the actions. We were then divided in groups, each of which was led by a team captain. In turn, the groups worked out how each action should be taken, and who would be responsible for overseeing these actions. The captains were responsible for presenting the plans to the rest of the group, who would be adding on to the plans with their own suggestions. This turned into fruitful discussions, in which everyone was able to give their opinion on various topics surrounding our business.

In between these sessions, Sijbe made sure to keep us active and motivated through several activities, which were great for keeping us energized. Henk Schonewille, CEO of Wafilin Systems, also wanted to take the time to celebrate our recent successes, and surprised the team with a cake.

The end result of this session is a plan of action on 1 page,  containing all of the actions that have to be taken, which will improve our business on various fronts, all with one common goal in mind: to be able to serve our customers even better through new innovations, better service, and streamlined internal processes. All while also allowing our Masters in Membrains to develop themselves individually, as they are our most important capital!

Would you like to learn more about the Big Five for Life, or would you like to learn more about how we are continuously improving our services? Feel free to contact our CEO Henk Schonewille without obligations:

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