Careful steps onto the world stage

Wafilin Systems wants to provide membrane filtration solutions to food and dairy companies not only in the Netherlands, but in the wider world as well. To ensure the success of our international ambition, we have drawn up a strategic plan. It starts with a targeted exploration of our prospects and opportunities on the international market. Focusing on the growth and development of our company and our Masters in Membrains, and the standardisation of our SmartFlex systems. 

Identifying and selecting opportunities

The strategy for the near future focuses on identifying and selecting suitable countries, products, applications, and channels. What are the needs, where is it possible and how? We are investigating the countries and applications that we can pair up to create added value. We are also looking at the best channels to reach and support these prospective clients: directly through local partners or through current clients operating both in The Netherlands and abroad.

A promising strategy

Account Manager Gerbrand Siegersma plays a key role in these international ambitions: “My job is to identify opportunities and advise the management team on the strategy to apply. The most promising approach may be different for each county or product.” Market research helps us design a successful strategy. For instance, dairy market research shows clear prospects for Wafilin Systems in the dairy sector in Europe. One of the promising export products is the system for concentrating milk on the farm.

Controlled growth

“Despite our international ambitions, I think that controlling our growth is essential,” notes CEO Henk Schonewille. “We need to make sure we can meet our commitments with our clients, and it has to be realistic for me and my colleagues.” That is why internationalisation will mainly start close to home: in Belgium, Great Britain and Germany. The process will also include an annual evaluation and planning for the next year.

Standardisation and training are key

Doing business abroad is different from in the Netherlands. Aside from language and culture, approaches to work and levels of knowledge may also differ. That is why our Masters in Membrains need education and training to ensure the success of international projects. With projects close to home, they can gain more experience and if needed more seasoned colleagues can step in relatively easily to help.

Internationalisation will also require standardisation. We want to prepare and test as much as possible in the Netherlands so that we can get the system up and running as quickly as possible in other countries. This prompted us to invest a great deal of time and energy into the development of SmartFlex. These are smart, modular membrane systems that make it easy to change the number and type of membranes and other components depending on the application. This means our SmartFlex systems offer flexible deployment.

If you would like to learn more about our international ambitions or strategy, please contact Account Manager Gerbrand Siegersma (

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