Electrodialysis added to technology portfolio

Wafilin Systems enjoys being involved in the development and supply of high-quality products for the dairy and food industries. To that end, Wafilin Systems invests in accordance with its customers’ demands. Recently, it expanded its range of testing equipment with a new electrodialysis pilot unit. This uses electrodialysis to demineralise process flows (removing the salt) and create a purer, higher-quality product. The new pilot unit is not only of value to companies in the dairy and food industries, it also offers Wafilin Systems the opportunity to develop its own applications.

Electrodialysis in a nutshell

The electrodialysis pilot unit serves primarily to demineralise process flows originating in the dairy and food industries, such as dairy products or sugar streams. After the process has extracted the salt from a product flow, whey for example, the remaining product flow will contain  mainly residual proteins. The result is a pure protein-rich product which can now be sold at a higher price.

First pilot unit almost ready for customer trials

Wafilin Systems is already familiar with electrodialysis as a technology. Our customers have been making use of one of our partners’ pilot units since 2019. However, the process is under continuous development. With our own pilot unit, Wafilin Systems can maintain more control over those developments. We are currently working to optimise the unit at our application centres in Leeuwarden. Commissioning is planned for this May. That means we will be offering our customers access to this technology as well. We can mineralise specific product flows for testing and, if needed, add complementary membrane filtration processes. This allows us to offer a total membrane technology solution.

Pilot unit gives customers greater flexibility

As we mentioned in our latest newsletter, Wafilin Systems takes a full-circle approach to membrane system testing and development. With the addition of this pilot unit, we can help customers translate the results of a pilot into appropriate solutions. The pilot unit is a valuable addition to our range and can also be combined with other membrane processes, either our own or the customer’s. This gives customers both greater freedom of choice and more flexibility: precisely what Wafilin Systems aims to achieve.

Are you interested in exploring possible applications of this concept within your company? Would you like to know more about the pilot unit? Please contact Wafilin Systems’ R&D manager Jos van Dalfsen: j.vandalfsen@wafilinsystems.nl.

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