We enable our (former) interns to become our future generation of Masters in Membrains

As a company, we are in the privileged position to help shape the world of tomorrow. Not only through our innovative membrane application systems, but also by helping to develop the future generation of Masters in Membrains with the internships we offer. For us it is important to make sure that these students get the opportunity to grow.  Frequently this leads to the possibility for these students to get their first job as part of our team. This is also the case for Rick van der Kooi, who spent the last half year as an intern at our marketing department  and will now officially join our team as Junior Marketeer!

We first introduced Rick, who is 23 years old and lives in Leeuwarden with his girlfriend Lisanne, in the September edition of our newsletter last year. He recently graduated from his study International Business & Management, and has spent his time as an intern performing market research and supporting Ruth Rottiné, our Marketing & Communication Manager, by performing various marketing related tasks.

“At the time, I chose to do my graduation project for Wafilin Systems because it just felt right”, Rick explains. “From the first day as an intern I already felt connected to the company and its goals and values. Everyone here is passionate about their work, which is truly inspiring”.

As a Junior Marketeer, Rick will be responsible for our monthly newsletter & managing our social media channels, and has also been tasked with optimizing our website. Besides this he takes care of other marketing- and communication related activities, all of which aim to improve our business.

“I feel that Wafilin has  enabled me to grow at my own pace, Rick states. I have been able to work on a variety of interesting tasks and projects over the last couple of months, and new developments are already in the works. I am very excited to be part of this, and am looking forward to help develop both myself and Wafilin’s business further in the coming period”.

We are very happy to have Rick on board as an official member of the Wafilin team now, and to see all of our staff, many of whom started as intern at our office based in Leeuwarden, develop themselves further to help shape the world of tomorrow!

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