Concentrating milk at the farm. A sustainable membrane filtration solution beneficial for the entiry dairy chain.

Concentrating milk at the farm

Raw cow milk contains approximately 87% water, with the remainder consisting of fats, proteins, lactose and minerals. In the production of cheese, yoghurt or milk powder, this high water content serves no purpose. Therefore, the milk concentration or evaporation process is currently handled in the factory. This however means that large volume often travels long distances before reaching the factory, especially at an international level.

We have developed a technology that makes it possible to concentrate the milk on the farm instead of in the milk factory.

Benefits of MILCON

Using our membrane filtration solution offers many benefits, both for the farmer as the factory:

  • 50% storage reduction
  • 25% cooling reduction
  • 50% reduction in transport
  • Water reuse
  • Decentral dairy processing

Our solution

Our solution makes it possible to concentrate the milk on the farm instead of in the milk factory. Our current demonstration system is installed in a container and can concentrate over 3,000 litres of raw milk an hour. The milk goes directly from the rotary milking parlour to the system, where membranes separate pure water from the milk. The distinguishing feature of this process is that the raw milk requires no pre-treatment, such as skimming or pasteurisation. It can operate in line with the rotary milking parlour, which milks over 450 cows at a time.

Process MILCON

The result

The membrane system can achieve a 50% reduction of the milk volume. As the farmers have less milk that needs to be stored or cooled, their energy consumption reduces. In addition, there is also less milk to transport, and the processing (for instance into milk powder) requires less energy. A solution beneficial for the farmers, dairy producers and the environment.

Want to know more?

Our MILCON system contributes to a more sustainable dairy industry. Interested in what our membrane solutions can mean for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us!