Wafilin Systems introduces SmartFlex membrane systems

At Wafilin Systems, we always put our customers first in everything we do. In order to keep improving the way we serve our customers, we are constantly innovating our service in different areas. Recently, our engineers have been busy developing and designing a new range of membrane filtration systems. We wanted to be able to even better serve our customers, while streamlining the design process within Wafilin at the same time. Thanks to our continuous focus on our customers’ needs, we have managed to create a new line of smart modular membrane systems, the SmartFlex systems. Our SmartFlex systems provide a more efficient way of delivering customisation.

Development of SmartFlex

Erwin Blauw, Technical Sales Engineer at Wafilin Systems, was responsible for the delivery of two of the SmartFlex systems. “We had been thinking about extending our level of standardisation for a while, as this would save our customers – as well as Wafilin – a lot of time and money,” said Erwin. “We didn’t want to offer standard solutions, however, as every customer has different needs. We wanted to be able to offer the best membrane solution for every issue.” But the previously mentioned advantages of standardisation were attractive. They formed the inspiration for the development of smart modular membrane systems: systems that all have the same basic set-up, but that can be adapted to the way the customer wants to use them.

“A smart modular membrane system, or SmartFlex as we’ve called it, consists of a number of ‘membrane blocks’, the components that make up a membrane filtration system. These components can be used flexibly, creating a system that can be used for various purposes,” explains Erwin. “The customer tells us which components they want included, after which we tailor the system to achieve the desired result.” This allows us to work quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively, while delivering a high-quality system that perfectly meets the customer’s wishes.


Customer benefits: integration into their own process

This system has great advantages, for both Wafilin Systems and the customer. That became clear during the development of the first two SmartFlex systems for a number of our customers.

“A couple of weeks ago, we delivered an RO system for one of these customers, Döhler. We integrated this system into their process. This project showed that our SmartFlex systems allow us to work more efficiently. For example, we managed to deliver the project within four months – that’s pretty rare. An additional advantage was that it was easier to integrate the system into the process. This helped us guarantee a fast delivery time. The fact that the system is based on a standardised concept also meant that we were able to offer the customer a competitive price.

When we delivered the system to another customer, we found again that the SmartFlex system is an attractive option for both Wafilin Systems and the customer. “We delivered a Ceramic MF system that will be used to purify one of their product flows. This results in a better quality finished product. Both projects showed the same benefits – they allowed us to work more efficiently, plus the system’s flexibility made it easier to integrate the system into the existing process at the plant. These successful projects convinced us that the SmartFlex systems have an important role to play in our future projects,” says Erwin.


Future ambitions

Thanks to our SmartFlex systems, we will be able to serve our customers even better in the future. The standardised basis, which can be flexibly adapted to the customer’s needs, allows us to efficiently deliver suitable systems. As such, we’re planning to continue developing these systems for other membrane concepts, so that they can be used on a large scale in the food and dairy industries.

Would you like to learn more about our SmartFlex systems? Feel free to contact the Masters in Membrains: info@wafilinsystems.nl

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