Latest addition to the SmartFlex membrane filtration systems

Last year we introduced our SmartFlex membrane systems to you. Our in-house engineers developed a range of membrane filtration systems to better serve our customers. The main advantage of the SmartFlex membrane systems is that our standardised skids allow us to offer our customers flexible membrane solutions with a high degree of customisation. Now, we would like to introduce the latest addition to our current range of SmartFlex systems: the Smartflex CMF (Ceramic Membrane Filtration).

SmartFlex systems

Wafilin is committed to developing the best possible solutions for its customers. In our quest to increase the level of standardisation, we came up with the SmartFlex systems series. Further standardisation saves both us and our customers time and money. SmartFlex membrane filtration systems are smart modular membrane systems, which means they all have the same basic set-up that can be adapted according to the customer’s needs. Membrane systems consist of a number of membrane blocks, or components. Both the components and types of membranes can be used flexibly, which allows us to create a system that can be used for various purposes, in line with our customer’s wishes.

SmartFlex CMF

When we introduced the first series of SmartFlex systems, the SmartFlex RO and the SmartFlex UF, we promised that we would continue developing systems for other membrane concepts. Wafilin is committed to ongoing development with the goal of producing systems that can be used throughout the food and dairy industry. After all of our hard work, we are proud to be able to introduce our new series, the SmartFlex CMF. The SmartFlex CMF is a membrane filtration system for ceramic membranes that can be used in various applications in industries such as the dairy industry.

Possible applications of the SmartFlex CMF

The SmartFlex CMF can be used for both ceramic microfiltration and ceramic ultrafiltration membranes, which makes it a versatile solution for our customers. One of the areas in which the SmartFlex CMF can be used is the milk skimming process. The current defatting process using centrifuges increases the risk of damaging the fat globules. The SmartFlex CMF helps maintain the quality of the fat fraction and allows it to be used again during the production process. This opens up sustainable and cost-effective alternatives.

Thomas Roersma, Manager Technology at Wafilin Systems, explains why using the SmartFlex CMF to clean the cleaning liquids (CIP) within plants is another interesting application: “Using the SmartFlex CMF to clean the CIP liquids used in milking installations makes it possible to reuse these liquids. The SmartFlex CMF is designed to handle hot streams with extremely high as well as extremely low pH values.” Even though milk is usually at a low temperature going through the process, the SmartFlex CMF can also be used in cleaning processes with high temperatures. This results in a more sustainable and cost-effective cycle.

If you would like to know more about our SmartFlex systems and how they can benefit your company, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Masters in Membrains.

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