Masters in Membrains in the dairy industry

Over the past few years, Wafilin Systems has been working on attracting and serving customers in the food and dairy industry. Recently, Wafilin has managed to land some new customers and partners and has developed a number of innovative concepts, particularly in the dairy industry. This has led to a number of projects and interesting pilots. We would like to tell you more about our vision for the dairy industry and our position in it.

Growth within the dairy industry

Over the past eighteen months, the dairy industry has seen tremendous growth. Gerbrand Siegersma, Account Manager at Wafilin Systems: “Our current activities are based on extensive market research into the opportunities in the dairy industry. There are a number of major trends in the dairy industry that involve membrane filtration: the increased consumption of proteins, sustainability (reducing waste by recovering valuable raw materials such as water from residual streams), and ever-expanding plants. We’ve also seen a huge demand in the market for flexible, customer-oriented suppliers of membrane systems.

We’ve conducted various commercial pilots for niches in the dairy industry, plus we’ve designed full-scale systems aimed at improving the processes and efficiency of existing dairy applications. We can proudly look back on the projects we’ve carried out, which have really put us on the map in the dairy industry. The players in the dairy industry are getting to know us; they rely on our knowledge and expertise regarding membrane filtration systems. It’s safe to say that the past eighteen months have been great for us, both nationally and internationally.”

Knowledge and expertise in the dairy industry

We have grown into a full-fledged supplier of membrane filtration systems. Some organisations still see us as a company that is mainly focused on R&D. R&D still remains an important part of our services package — we develop targeted solutions based on the demands of customers and/or the market with the ultimate goal of using these solutions to design, construct, and deliver full-circle systems. Our R&D capacity is essential, too, for our own development of unique solutions for the dairy industry. Examples of such developments are an on-farm milk concentration system and our new concept BRINEX, a unique system to reduce or even eliminate the excess brine in cheese factories.

Wafilin Systems has seen some rapid development over the past few years. According to Siegersma, it is important that we show our knowledge and expertise to the Dutch dairy industry. “We want to introduce the dairy industry to everything Wafilin Systems has to offer in terms of membrane filtration technology. This includes things such as supplying systems, as well as membrane replacement, service, process optimisation, and feasibility studies. We have an extensive services package with which we aim to serve the dairy industry.”

Looking ahead

Compared to eighteen months ago, we are now at a point where we are discussing specific projects with various customers, projects that will be carried out in the near future. These projects include full-circle membrane projects related to whey protein concentration, as well as whey demineralisation. Siegersma: “We have come a long way, both internally and externally, and we keep on developing. We know everything about membrane filtration systems, but we keep listening to and learning from our dairy customers’ expectations. We are constantly looking for ways to better meet the wishes and expectations of our customers.”

What sets Wafilin Systems apart is that we design unique systems that fully meet the needs of our customers and, as such, can be seamlessly integrated into their existing plants. “We are looking forward to our next projects.”

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