Membrane filtration installation for the reuse of landfill leachate as process water

Wafilin Systems recently expanded an existing system for the treatment of landfill leachate for a solid waste processing company. The biological pre-treated leachate is collected in basins and treated with several membrane filtration systems. The clear water that is produced by the systems as permeate can be used by the company as process water or for other purposes.

The driver for this expansion was the need to generate a larger and stable flow of process water that will be used for several other processes. Therefore an additional filtration system has been installed to increase the overall capacity and secure availability of process water.

Although this case seems to deviate from our primary focus on the Food and Dairy sectors, this project became possible because of years of ‘fruitful’ long-lasting collaboration.

Fruitful cooperation
Because of the many years of close cooperation, Wafilin was fully aware of the circumstances in which the project had to be carried out and knew the specific details to be taken into account in the design phase. A system that is safe, reliable and flexible. In close cooperation with the customer, we manage to shortened the realization time of the installation. And that also saved costs considerably. Long-term collaborations have several advantages, our customer explains below what the benefits exactly are.

Benefits of long-term cooperation
“Because the special and unique character of our wastewater, a lot of process know-how is necessary to find a solution for our urgent need. We knew that at Wafilin, we were at the right place,” says project manager of the waste processing company. “From research to design to realization, we are very content on how Wafilin has tackled that. The system works well and there is a safe and structured way of operating. As a project manager, you are much more concerned with the management and coordination of the entire project and you want to be able to trust that the people who are involved are aware of the details. During consultations, it turned out that people from both sides could get along well and that they will always be able to come up with a solution for any kind of problem or challenge. Those involved from Wafilin during the execution, Eric and Henk, know what is going on in an operational level and what tensions there can be with regard to technology and staffing. That specific insight and open proactive communication with questions like: “We see this and we are confronted with that, how do we need to deal with this”, has helped me as a project manager to rely on the cooperation. Wafilin is a prodigious organization to do business with. The combination of technological know-how, operational experience, proactive thinking in solutions, the focus on the overall process and especially focus on the relationship with all stakeholders has helped making the project such a success.”

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