New members of the Wafilin Systems family

Wafilin’s tremendous growth in recent months has resulted in many new projects. To ensure we continue to deliver top-quality service to all our customers, we must respond to this growth by continually attracting new talent into our team. In the past few months, we have been pleased to welcome three new colleagues. All three bring specific specialist skills and experience, which they will dedicate to delivering the best possible service to our customers. This month, we are delighted to introduce you to our latest new joiners.

Experienced mechanical engineer chooses Wafilin Systems

Our first new appointment is Harry van der Wal, our new Project Engineer. Harry brings many years of engineering experience in the food industry, having worked at companies including Friesland Campina and Sanco Processing. “At Wafilin, I’m responsible for technical design development, procurement, dispatch and process monitoring”. With the benefit of Harry’s experience, our work will be even more project-driven and efficient, and we can increase and monitor the quality and reliability of our systems.

Harry was quickly persuaded that he wanted to become part of the Wafilin team. “I could tell straight away that this was a line-up of good, capable people – with a strong commitment to process technology. It’s really important to me to be able to work with colleagues, customers and suppliers in a positive and enjoyable way. This is a core value for Wafilin too, so I think we’re perfectly in tune in this regard”. Wafilin’s dynamic nature as a growing company also attracted Harry. “Ultimately, my goal is to work with a motivated group of people to deliver great projects and contribute to the company’s growth”.

Former intern with a passion for dairy technology

Last August, Jelmer de Wal – a former intern at Wafilin Systems – officially joined us as Junior Technical Sales Engineer. After his internship, Jelmer completed his graduation project in the dairy industry and then came straight back to Wafilin. “The great thing about Wafilin is that it’s a small company, so it’s easy to approach people and get to know them. It’s a nice environment to work in too” says Jelmer.

Jelmer is a dairy technologist in heart and soul, and engineering is his great passion. This combination made him the perfect candidate for his role within Wafilin. With his knowledge and commitment to the industry, he is already helping to deliver the best of service to Wafilin customers. “At present, I’m focusing on R&D activities and carrying out pilot testing for our customers. In the process, I’m hoping to take on greater responsibility so that eventually I’ll be able to execute my own projects”.

With the benefit of Jelmer’s knowledge, we can deliver an even better service to our customers in the dairy industry. We are delighted that this young and talented dairy technologist is joining us as another shoulder to the wheel! 

Food technologist newly appointed to the Wafilin Systems team

Last but not least, Marte Roorda is another new addition to the Wafilin Systems team. Marte recently graduated as a food technologist and she brings extensive practical and theoretical knowledge of the dairy industry. She is taking up the role of Junior Technical Sales Engineer within Wafilin Systems.

Despite being in discussion with a number of large companies that interested her, Wafilin was the one she opted for. “Huge draws for me were the knowledge and expertise of the colleagues I’ll work with on various projects, as well as the goals we share – for instance in relation to sustainability. My aim is to help Wafilin grow and develop within the dairy market.”

Marte’s ambitions and competencies in dairy process technology lie mainly in the areas of process improvement and development, innovation and sustainability. “I came into contact with the dairy industry through my internship. I then became so passionate about this field of work that I decided to make it a focus of my studies. As a result, I graduated with a specialisation in dairy process technology.” We look forward to working with Marte on new and innovative solutions.

New colleagues add value for customers

We are thrilled to have our new colleagues on-board, together with the experience and skills they bring. Their input makes us even better equipped to service our customers on all fronts – from engineering to the provision of relevant information. At Wafilin, we are always willing to go the extra mile for our valued customers and, with our new colleagues, we will continue to do so!

Interested to meet Harry, Jelmer or Marte? You are welcome to drop into the Wafilin Systems office. Contact Henk Schonewille, CEO of Wafilin Systems: make a appointment 

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