New Wafilin Systems colleagues are off to a great start

Last month saw the arrival of a number of new colleagues to reinforce the Wafilin Systems team. They all took part in an introduction session – designed especially for them – that welcomed them into the world of Wafilin Systems. This session aims to provide interns and new employees with effective training as a firm foundation for their further career at Wafilin.

How the induction training was created

At Wafilin Systems, we work with annual objectives that are linked to our ‘Big Five for Life’. Our key objective is to be the Membrane Application Specialist of choice, by sharing and increasing our membrane expertise within the growing organisation. Jos van Dalfsen, R&D Manager at Wafilin Systems B.V., explains further: “The term ‘Masters in Membrains’ doesn’t apply to a single person within our team. In fact, every individual who comes to work at Wafilin will eventually become a Master in Membrains based on their own specialisation or role. Everyone in the organisation is in touch with customers at some level and at certain times – our team has different areas of expertise. We also get to know and understand processes within different industries. To educate all Wafilin employees about the various membrane processes and applications, we started putting on induction training for new employees.” 

A strong foundation

The training enables our employees to learn more about Wafilin’s origins and how the company operates. To kindle their enthusiasm, we encourage in-depth discussion of what Wafilin stands for. It matters to Wafilin that everyone understands the organisation’s scope to differentiate itself within the sector, as well as the opportunities inherent in its membrane applications. The training session contributes to job satisfaction and staff members can perform their work more easily and in a more focused way. It is also a perfect opportunity to initiate new employees into the Wafilin Systems family. Various colleagues were involved in delivering the training. Jos van Dalfsen, R&D Manager at Wafilin Systems B.V., kicked off the session and presented information on the origins and development of Wafilin Systems. Eric van der Wal, Technical Sales Engineer, then described the ins and outs of our CRM system, after which Erwin Blauw, Technical Sales Engineer, provided a detailed introduction to our quality manual and procedures.

Positive response

Our new colleagues were very enthusiastic about the induction training – as a means to access a wealth of information and as a forum to exchange essential expertise. All in all, this firm foundation equips new staff to make a very confident start. New colleague Marte Roorda, Junior Technical Sales Engineer, feels very positive about the induction training. She comments: “I liked the fact that different colleagues were involved in the training. I came away with new information about a whole range of relevant aspects. Thanks to this training, I have a good understanding of how people work here and a better picture of Wafilin’s projects and customers.”

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