Nomination Water Innovator of the Year Award

We are honored to be nominated with our DUCAM-project for the Water Innovator of the Year election. Every year, organizer Watervisie searches for companies with innovative solutions to make the use of (industrial) water cheaper, more sustainable and more efficient.

Together with Avebe, Wafilin Systems developed the DUCAM- process. In Dutch this stands for the sustainable concentration of potato juice with membranes. Using membrane technology, Avebe consumes less energy in protein extraction and evaporation. Yearly, this results in 13,000 tons less CO2 emissions and makes 400,000m3 of water from the potatoes suitable for reuse. 

On February 11, the winner will be announced during the online conference. The digital voting boxes will open soon. We keep you posted. 

Want to know more about our The Water Innovator of the Year election and candidates? Click here.

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