Our customers rate our service with an 8.1!

Wafilin Systems is growing. The company is no longer a start-up company. Maturity and professional characterizes the scale-up phase. The perfect time to review the services of the company and to investigate what goes well and more importantly; what Wafilin can improve.

A customer satisfaction survey was conducted among our top customers. Our customers rate our service with an 8.1!

“The results confirm our idea that our customers are very satisfied with our services. We are also going to work on the comments we have received to improve our services”, according to CEO Henk Schonewille.

Respondent said:
“They do what they promise. They are honest and trustworthy. They have the knowledge in the field of water and installation, but they are also familiar with the regulations regarding safety, for example”.

Attention to the relationship and the expertise of employees is fine!

The research shows that personal support and contact is important. Whatever question customers have or what solution they are looking for, the valuation mainly depends on how they are helped. And that is also reflected in the positive results.

Respondent said: “The way they solve specific problems. Wafilin is very flexible and switches quickly, which is nice.”

Respondent said: “Wafilin can handle it. They do what they promise. They know what they are talking about. I appreciate the technical support the most.”

Need for specific training

The respondents are interested in gathering specific knowledge to work more efficiently with the membrane filtration systems. Based on our expertise, we can provide more tailor-made training and knowledge sessions.

Respondent said: “A general training is not interesting. Custom made though.”

Our image

Wafilin Systems turned out to be seemed as:

Sustainable, hands-on, technology company, enterprising, innovative, young, dynamic, pragmatic, down-to-earth, problem-solvers and  thinkers, reliable.

Getting started with the points for improvement

Of course, there are also points that should and can do better. This is mainly in the area of communication.

At Wafilin Systems we conduct customer satisfaction surveys because we find it important to know what makes our customers happy and satisfied and what we can improve even more.  We will start by solving the quick wins and then work on sustainable improvement.

We would like to thank our customers once again for their cooperation in our customer satisfaction survey.

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