Project: testing in the Cheese industry

Making cheese from concentrated milk on the farm and examining the effects on the quality of the cheese is one of the projects that Wafilin is working on. ‘With our patented membrane filtration system we can reduce 50% of the total volume of milk,’ says Jos van Dalfsen. The milk is concentrated with a smart membrane filtration system, which can be connected to an automatic milking system. By filtrating, the amount of water in milk is reduced, which can be beneficial for different products which are produced by the Dairy industry. Together with a customer in the Cheese industry, productions tests are being done, to find out what the effects are on cheese production and if it is possible to produce new types of cheese.

‘All test have shown that the quality of milk remains normal after filtration and that it is suitable for making cheese and other dairy products. That makes milk concentrate interesting for cheese factories. In addition, the Dairy industry realizes that this technology can contribute to a more sustainable Dairy Chain’, says Jos van Dalfsen.  The first results are promising:  the production of a good quality cheese is possible with the patented system. Jos van Dalfsen explains: ‘We won the WIS Award 2017 with this innovation and we constantly strive for improvement; so further tests are performed to improve the process and quality of products’.

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