Protection of the membrane filtration system – interview with HiFlux 

Wafilin will regularly interview its partners in the coming period in order to find out more about their collaboration with Wafilin and to discuss the possible benefits that brings it to their customers. This time we will be talking with Charles Scriwanek, who is a Country Representative Manager for HiFlux Filtration A/S. HiFlux is a partner which helps Wafilin to serve its customers even better throughout the entire production process by utilizing Auto-line self-cleaning liquid filters which are used, for instance, to protect the membrane-filtration systems that Wafilin is designing and delivering.

How did you find Wafilin Systems?

I met Harry van Dalfsen during our time at Hyflux CEPAration BV, a company in Helmond, which is settled in Singapore, and is specialized in water treatment products. During our time there Harry and I have been working on interesting projects together. It was my first introduction to liquid-filtration, even though this was mostly from a Sales perspective. I learned a lot from Harry while conducting pilot tests for customers on-site, and have gained a lot of process knowledge as a result. We were able to collaborate really well together, and in a niche markets such as this one it is very common to bump into each other again later.

Right now you are working for HiFlux Filtration A/S, which is a Danish company. What exactly is this company known for?

HiFlux Filtration A/S is a Danish company with dealers all over Europe, and has spent the last 60 years specializing in delivering robust liquid filtration solutions to the (food) industry. We will be celebrating our 60th anniversary in November of this year!

Congratulations! A company with a long history. How was HiFlux Filtration A/S established?

The company was started by Heco Henning Cornelius, who was a structural engineer, under the original name of Heco. The company initially focused on the reparation and maintenance of industrial machines, and on the reparation of ship engines. The large Danish shipping companies were some of their first customers. The contact with these organizations was very important for business during this period, and several products were developed specifically for these shipping companies, such as liquid filters. The implementation of liquid filters kept expanding, even reaching the industrial sector. In 2001 it was decided to move the activities surrounding filter technology to a separate company under the name of Heco Filtration. A few years later, in 2016, the organization changed its name to HiFlux Filtration A/S, as this was more easily recognizable. We also moved to a larger, more modern property. The company has evolved from its conception to what it has become now.

What is your role within the company?

As a Country Representative Manager, it is my responsibility to find and bind (potential) customers within the process industry. I am present during the entire process, from the first moment of contact to the signing of the contract. Finding potential partnerships, such as the one that we have with Wafilin, is also one of my tasks.

The focus of your company has shifted to liquid filtration. Which solutions are you offering to your customers in regards to filtration?

We focus on developing and producing (self-cleaning) liquid filters; our product range consists of more than 20.000 possible combinations. It is our customers who have largely determined our direction. We focus on our customers ‘problems and develop tailor-made solutions. With the Auto-line we are in the range between 30 micron and 3000 micron. The development of the stainless steel laser bore filter elements does bring also good solutions. We know the demands of the customer: Their processes to be designed with good quality in mind while getting the lowest price possible in relation to this quality.

Could you name an example?

We have conducted some tests in the Dutch egg-processing industry to find the proper Auto-line configuration. This Auto-line is now being used by a large amount of Dutch, as well as international, companies for the filtration of proteins, egg yolk, and the entire egg. These companies have been able to reduce their costs significantly, and have been able to optimize the process with the use of these Auto-line filters. Occasionally, these are long-term projects but in the end, the results are beneficial for us both.

And how could this benefit the customers of Wafilin?

The placement of an Auto-line self-cleaning liquid filtration system protects the membrane system as pre-filtration. The membranes are protected from damages by big particles and do not have to be cleaned as often as a result, which increases the lifespan of the membrane. It also increases productivity.

Your solution is actually part of another segment of the production process in the food industry. Does this mean that working together with Wafilin enables you to look further than just your own product while evaluating the customers’ process?

Exactly. Even though our products are not solely applicated in the food industry but, for instance, also in the paint industry, the core approach to work remains the same: listen to your customers. Sometimes it turns out that you are able to can optimize multiple components of the process, thus saving costs. Our collaboration with Wafilin enables us to do this. HiFlux’ customers benefit from the years of experience and specialized knowledge in liquid filtration. The same goes for Wafilin, but instead focused on membrane technology.

How can our customers make use of this unique collaboration?

There is a HiFlux Auto-line test filter (hygienic design) present in one of your facilities, the FACT (Food Application Centre for Technology), which allows you in cooperation with your customers in food technology to perform tests. Another possibility that this collaboration allows for is to visit new and existing clients together; recently I have visited Wafilin with one of my (new) customers. Together with your R&D manager, Jos van Dalfsen, we visited the FACT. We will shortly begin with conducting a joint test project, in which we will test a setup with the Auto-line as police filter to protect the membrane system supplied by Wafilin.

Interested in whether conducting tests would be possible for your organization? Or would you like to make an appointment with the membrane application experts? Please contact Jos van Dalfsen, R&D manager for Wafilin Systems:

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