Students from Leeuwarden are enthusiastic about (researching) dairy

“Choosing for a research project in dairy means choosing smartly” according to Jelmer de Wal (20 years old) from Boelenslaan. Jelmer (photo) is currently studying food technology at Van Hall Larenstein in Leeuwarden, and has started his 4th-year internship at Wafilin Systems. Rick van der Kooi (22 years old) from Goutum is not as interested in the process-side in dairy as Jelmer is, but is instead interested about another innovative project in dairy. The 4th year International Business & Management student, studying at NHL Stenden in Leeuwarden, is enthusiastic about the opportunity to investigate market demands. He feels right at home at Wafilin Systems, and is currently conducting market research for the promising concept “Milk filtration at farm level”.

Consciously choosing for Wafilin

Milk is one of the most complex food products that exist. If you are able to gain the least amount of understanding about it, you would be able to research other food products without any trouble”, according to Jelmer de Wal. Jelmer first learned about Wafilin Systems during a guest lecture at his university. This peaked Jelmer’s interest, and he sent out an application letter to the company for his 4th-year internship. The interview with Wafilin made Jelmer even more enthusiastic, and he immediately decided to spend the next half year at Wafilin, which is settled opposite to his university.

Finding a suitable internship was not as easy for Rick van der Kooi, however. For Rick it was very clear what he wanted to do for his graduation project: conduct market research that would help the company with reaching its goals. Rick started applying via various websites, but to no avail. This helped him realize that in order to make sure that he would find a suitable graduation project, he would have to present himself in the best way possible. He started using LinkedIn to be able to present himself, which helped him secure appointments with several organizations that might be interested in what he had to offer. Wafilin Systems, however, immediately caught Rick’s attention after being contacted by Ruth Rottiné, MarCom manager for Wafilin Systems. The application interview with Wafilin confirmed his preference for Wafilin for him: “ The overall ambiance of the interview, along with the level of trust and transparency; Wafilin Systems entrusted him with a strictly confidential report to further help him orientate himself, made the choice obvious for Rick: he wanted to do his internship at Wafilin.

Researching Dairy

Jelmer is currently working on a technical feasibility study in dairy. “This research is a continuation study based on the work of Martin Appelman”, Jelmer says. Martin Appelman was the previous intern and was researching the possibilities in fractioning milk. Rick van der Kooi is looking at the international opportunities for the innovative and patented concept of “milk filtration at farm-level”.

Both men, who started in September of this year, are currently enjoying their time at Wafilin Systems. “You immediately feel like you are part of the team. I’m always looking forward to spending another day at Wafilin’s office”. Jelmer agrees with this: “ I feel right at the place here. Working in a smaller organization such as this one brings a unique atmosphere. It feels friendlier”.

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