The development process of innovative membrane solutions

Wafilin Systems didn’t reach its current, highly innovative, position overnight. Over the years, Wafilin Systems has moved along with the seemingly endless developments in the membrane industry in order to respond to its customers’ demand. Harry van Dalfsen, Technical Director and founder of Wafilin Systems, talks about the growth he and Wafilin Systems have experienced over the years.

Having the right team is half the battle

Harry had the opportunity to be part of the very first membrane developments in the 1980s, and to tackle and improve many of the challenges arising from that process. “This has never been a individual undertaking. As an employee at a membrane manufacturer I worked with a team of experts, which allowed me to develop and acquire new knowledge.” Having started out as pioneers in in-house membrane development and production, Harry and his colleagues nowadays use the very best membranes available, combined with Wafilin Systems’ experience and unique knowledge of the process. “In our current processes, we use membranes to filter process water, which delivers valuable streams and products for our customers: a great way of creating sustainable and circular solutions.”

Innovating together with our customers

In the past, many solutions used to be so expensive that it wasn’t economically feasible to build installations for it on a large scale. At the same time, this also inspired membrane specialists to keep innovating. Gradually, and after exploring many projects around the world, Harry realised he needed to change things. In 2004, he embarked on a new course with Wafilin. Harry explains: “I knew that my own membrane wasn’t necessarily the best. So I talked to our customers: what do you need, and where can we get the best membranes and expertise to make it happen?”

Recognition for innovation

This approach, as demonstrated in the DUCAM project, won the ‘Water Innovator of the Year 2021’ award this month. Together with Avebe, Wafilin Systems developed this concept for the sustainable concentration of potato juice with membranes. Being recognised as Water Innovator of the Year is a great reward for the entire Wafilin Systems team, as well as for our partner Avebe.

Quality over quantity

This year, we are looking forward to various ways of recovering plant based proteins, sugars and minerals from process streams – again using our unique, independent and innovative approach. A modest, yet decisive Harry says: “No, it isn’t our goal to become the biggest player. We want to stay focused on maintaining our innovative edge, working closely with our customers and membrane suppliers. We will continue to invest in the future, and particularly in our employees. Everyone within the Wafilin Systems team is given every opportunity and the right support to develop themselves, based on their passions and interests. To us, sustainability is key, and we will keep working on the healthy growth of our company.” A company of which Harry is as proud as ever.

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