The essence of Wafilin Systems

At Wafilin Systems, every month various knowledge and skill development sessions are held internally, to guarantee and increase quality or to gain information to broaden our expertise. Last month there was a creative and interactive session with the whole team about the value that we create and realize for our customers. We are happy to share the outcome of this session with you, to understand what can be expected from us as your (new) partner. The most important promise that Wafilin makes is translated into our payoff ‘Masters in Membrains’. Curious what we mean with that?

Masters in Membrains, a pay-off that arose from a playful choice of words, explains, in a nutshell, the essence of Wafilin Systems! Emerged from a created mood board that was discussed during an internally organized session about the added value for companies that want to create added value within their process through membrane technology.

Every employee at Wafilin exposed his or her opinion about the value we deliver to our customers. The conversation went as follows:

Harry van Dalfsen, the founder of the company started: “Wafilin Systems is the oldest membrane company in the Netherlands. With almost 50 years of experience, a great deal of know-how and expertise is available from our experts who are deployed daily in the development of membrane filtration systems for our customers.”

“Membranes are the core and identity of this company”, says Geeske Schaap, office manager.

“A certain type or brand of nanofiltration membrane performs well in a dairy application but that doesn’t mean that it will perform well in a food application or the other way around”, continues Thomas Roersma, technical sales engineer. “We have the know-how to choose the right membrane for each specific application.”

Or as one of our new customer said to me this week: “With your knowledge about membrane technology I can close my own gaps in knowledge”, Eric van der Wal, technical sales engineer points out.

Jos van Dalfsen, R&D manager also quotes a project and shares: “We were happy to investigate all the possibilities with membranes that ultimately leads to a successful separation method for the dairy and food industry. We are creating value through continuous technological innovation”.

By applying a specific membrane with a specific character (structure, material, pore size, chemical or thermal resistance), the customer will get the desired separation. Couldn’t it be that our distinctive capacity is making the best choice of membranes in relation to the quality of the research and the desired result, Erwin Blauw, technical sales engineer wonders.

“There are many different types of membranes and through our know-how and experience, we advise the right product and related process to each customer. Sometimes more extended research is needed for that and sometimes it is a matter of selection and validation,” Harry, the founder remarks casually.

Could I summarize it like this, Ruth Rottiné, manager marketing & communication calls: Is our value response not primarily due to the thoroughness and analysis that makes it possible for us to recommend our customers which membrane in combination with the right process is the most suitable for specific applications?

“Especially in Food and Dairy”, continued Henk Schonewille, CEO of Wafilin. “The choice of the membrane has a major impact on quality and costs. But maintaining its performance and characteristics is important for the effectiveness and lifetime of a membrane. We can facilitate companies that opt ​​for the most efficient way of separation in order to achieve their desired technical and productivity gains regarding quality and reliability.”


The conversation revealed that Wafilin understands better than anyone that not every membrane is suitable for each application and that research in selecting the right type of membrane is key in getting in the most out of a process.

We are: Masters in Membrains.

With Wafilin Systems as a partner, you can expect from us that we give you the best advice through our know-how and experience, our sincere attention for your request, our human cooperation and our practical approach. You can always count on our consideration that we provide you with the smartest membrane filtration solution for your challenge.

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