The use of membranes in the ChainCraft demonstration plant

One of our partners has developed a breakthrough fermentation technology to produce medium-chain fatty acids from food residues. A product that is used as a feed additive in animal feed, which contributes to a healthy intestinal flora of animals. Earlier this year we have informed our readers about Wafilin’s involvement in the step that this partner has been taken from laboratory scale and pilot tests to commercial production at demonstration scale. An article that has been read frequently. Now we give our partners and customers the chance to attend a presentation about this innovative project. This presentation will be held by ChainCraft itself during the Industrial User Experience at the Aquatech Amsterdam next week.

The industry is one of the main users of water in Europe. With water use being important within industrial companies, Aquatech and Wetsus join forces to organize the Industrial User Experience (IUE), a meeting place where industry experts are encouraged to exchange their ideas and experience with their peers within the industry, as well as with potential solution providers. End-users share insights into industrial user experience in Hall 11 at the Aquatech Amsterdam.

Maurice Oltheten, technology manager at ChainCraft (our partner) will give a presentation about their business during this stage at the Aquatech Amsterdam on the 6th of November 2019. The title of his presentation reveals mostly: ‘producing biobased chemicals from organic waste from the food industry via open mixed culture fermentation’. The use of membranes plays an important role within ChainCraft demonstration plant for the purification and concentration of the product stream and this aspect will also be explained further.

What to expect?

The audience will learn what the benefits are of an open mixed culture fermentation. For example: How to use mixed culture fermentation to produce biochemicals. But they will also discover how the use of membranes purify and concentrate product streams and find out more about the process of co-developing membrane filtration systems with Wafilin Systems.

It’s most interesting to see how ChainCraft upscaled its production process to a demonstration-scale. We would like you to invite to attend this presentation (free of charge). You can register here to visit the Aquatech Amsterdam and the Industrial User Experience ChainCraft’s presentation on the 6th of November.

More information about the industrial User Experience:

This innovative project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.


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