Three international projects in a nutshell

International projects don’t work exactly the same as projects in the Netherlands. To ensure optimal service for our clients and build foreign experience for our Masters in Membrains, we’re starting relatively close to home. This article highlights three of these projects.

Project 1: Pilot Project (Gent, Belgium)

Edible oil is one of the products of this client in Belgium. The refining process creates a water stream containing high levels of fatty acids, sulphates and salts. This residual stream places a heavy burden on water treatment, and its processing is rather costly. On the other hand, certain components are still valuable if the process recovers them. Our Masters in Membrains studied the possibility of creating a membrane filtration solution for this client. After a combination of several membrane steps showed positive results in initial testing in our application centres in Leeuwarden, our Technical Sales Engineer Marte Roorda conducted a follow-up pilot on the customer’s site in Ghent in May of 2021. Our mobile pilot units were installed for a full week of deployment parallel to the client’s process. Our team is currently analysing the test results and reviewing them with the client before developing a possible full-scale application. If the results are positive, the next step could be developing a possible full-scale application in cooperation with the customer.

Project 2: Bevisol (Ledbury, UK)

Our SmartFlex NF/RO process, developed for Döhler in the Dutch town of Roggel, shows a great deal of potential, but that site appeared to lack the capacity to supply the entire market. That’s why Döhler asked Wafilin Systems to set up a similar membrane process at daughter company Bevisol in Ledbury in the UK. The existing fermentation process yields a clear permeate liquid. The applied membrane solution removes sugars, proteins and minerals. This reduces colour, odour and flavour. This clean alcohol solution can be used in products such as alcoholic beverages/mixed drinks. Thomas Roersma was for almost 3 weeks on site to support the customer with the commissioning and start up of the membrane systems. The systems are in full operation and the customer is very satisfied with Thomas Roersma’s support and performance.

Project 3: Avebe (Dallmin, Germany)

Potato starch producer Avebe enlisted Wafilin Systems to set up a second DuCAM process for their plant in Dallmin, Germany. A membrane filtration system concentrates the potato water from the starch production process. This concentration step reduces the total volume of high-protein vegetable water, so the evaporators do not have to evaporate as much water, which results in lower energy consumption and higher protein yield.

The skids were produced and tested in the Netherlands and transported to Germany. An outside party is taking care of the integration of the systems into the greenfield protein factory. In August of 2021, one of our Masters in Membrains, Eric van der Wal, will be on site in Dallmin to support Avebe with the commissioning and start-up of the membrane system.

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