Throwback Aquatech Amsterdam 

Like Harry van Dalfsen, our Technical Director, already indicated in the preface, we were not sure whether Wafilin should attend the Aquatech exhibition. After all, Wafilin had just shifted its focus to developing membrane filtration systems for process solutions for the food and dairy industries a couple of years ago. Would end-users from these industries even be interested in visiting an exhibition such as Aquatech? Now, while looking back at the exhibition, we can confirm that we made the right choice in participating in the Aquatech this year.

When deciding whether we will be participating in an exhibition, we are not only taking potential new leads into consideration. Personal contact with our customers, partners, and suppliers are also very important to us, as it allows us to adapt our current and future services to the needs of the market. Participating in Aquatech Amsterdam – the most important water event in the Netherlands which attracts a lot of international visitors – has given us the opportunity to give all of our attention to the relations that are important to us.

What made the event truly special for us was the possibility for one of our customers, Chaincraft, to present their story and our share in it during the Industrial User Experience. The session attracted a big amount of visitors who showed a lot of interest in what Chaincraft had to say.

Our stand itself also attracted a lot of attention and excitement! We had many conversations with customers who were personally invited to the stand. We saw former colleagues, people from our network and suppliers stop by to enjoy a Wafilin Beer. Not only it was great to be able to talk to these people, but it also gave us the opportunity to gain new and valuable information on topics that are relevant for being able to serve our customers optimally. One interesting point that stood out was that visitors of our stand were well-informed about the recent developments within Wafilin. Especially on the DUCAM project which we did at Avebe, we received a lot of positive feedback and compliments. The mutual openness and studiousness of both our team and our customers resulted in interesting conversations with, among others, potential new customers who were interested in the possibilities of fractioning of their process streams. For us, it was also very valuable to learn about recent market developments. Our Technical Director has shared some insights about this in the preface. As it turns out, it also applies to Wafilin that we can see a lot, but not everything. Once you take the time to sit down with the customer/consumer you can truly see the value that the other party has to offer, and will be able to anticipate that. This results in a win-win situation for both the customer and Wafilin, and that is what we always aim for!

We would like to thank everyone for visiting our booth at Aquatech. Were you not able to visit our stand, but still interested in a conversation with us? Feel free to contact our Accountmanager Food & Dairy via We are very happy to schedule an appointment with you to give you a non-committal tour through our unique R&D facilities so that you can explore your options.

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