Using circular membrane solutions to innovate

Wafilin Systems works with its customers to develop unique membrane solutions. Our Full-circle approach describes the various steps we must complete to achieve an optimal solution. CEO Henk Schonewille and R&D manager Jos van Dalfsen developed this approach, which offers our (potential) customers simple, accessible insight into our process.

Standard approach offers security

Our Full-circle consists of six steps. First, the research and design, then implementation and commissioning and finally, service and maintenance. Henk Schonewille explains the importance of a standard approach. “Customers often come to us with problems that don’t have pre-existing solutions. That’s why we go through all these steps, each of which involves a decision point. The steps are logical, but also necessary in order to achieve the best solution for both the customer and Wafilin Systems.”

Solutions require research

Step 1 in solving our customer’s problem, is to research the application. In close collaboration with the customer, we screen membranes and perform product analyses to find the most suitable membrane. During this phase Wafilin Systems makes use of its Water Application Centre (WAC) and the Food Application Centre for Technology (FACT). During step 2, we perform on-site pilot tests alongside the customer’s process to collect all the data required to create and validate our system designs. We also determine the optimal choice of membrane and its ideal configuration. Then we assess the test results together with the customer and use these as a base for our final solution.

Optimal design

In step 3, our process engineers draw on the tests’ findings or data provided by the customer to create an innovative system design that meets all requirements and takes the customer’s specific product into account. They specialise in translating complex challenges into membrane system designs for the dairy and food industries.

System construction and commissioning

After the system’s design has been approved, step 4 is to construct it. We are experts in integrated design (process, mechanics, electrical engineering and automation) and our systems are constructed in partnership with reliable suppliers. The skids’ installation is supervised by our Masters in Membrains. Once construction is complete, we remain involved in the system’s commissioning and start-up (step 5). We will not be satisfied until the system has been incorporated into the production process and is functioning as it should.

Good service and support even after installation

Even after the launch, we like to continue providing support and maintenance in order to guarantee an optimal production process. We offer our customers support with their business operations, monitoring and optimisation. We also supply and replace spare parts and membranes. If workers’ knowledge and skills regarding membrane filtration are insufficient, we can provide training and guidance.

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