VIDA funding for demonstration-project “concentrating milk on-farm”

This month, we celebrated another huge success! After successfully presenting our innovative solution that will allow farmers to concentrate milk on the farm to the commission of the VIDA program, we have received the funding to be able to realize the project, which allows us to take a huge step in our efforts to make the dairy industry more circular.

The VIDA program aims to support the innovation potential of small and medium-sized enterprises working across European food chains interested in improving the use and efficiency of water, food, energy and key enabling technologies. We applied for this program, as we believed that with their help, we would be able to move this project further, in our effort to stimulate the circular economy, which is one of our most important goals as a company. With the help of VIDA, we can change the future!

Through our project, in which we have developed a system that can be used to reduce the volume of milk by 50% at the end of the milking process, we are linking water, food (dairy) and energy with innovation. This innovation has many benefits for the farmer and the dairy producer, such as the fact that 50% less transport will be needed to move the milk from the farm to the producer, effectively reducing transport costs and energy costs, as less milk will have to be cooled.

Through concentrating milk on farm level, we will also actively be reducing C02 emissions, as the amount of transport needed will be halved. This is very important to us, as we want to help create a better future for the coming generations. Based on the combination of all of these factors we were awarded for this the funding, which will allow us to take the next step in this project: setting up a demonstration project in connection with a rotary milking system at the Dairy Campus in Leeuwarden.

We expect to be able to place the unit at the Campus in September 2020, after which the testing phase will start. The progression of the developments can be followed via our channels, such as our social media and newsletters, and through the channels of VIDA.

Through our demo-project at the Dairy campus, a research farm that is part of Wageningen University, we expect to be able to showcase our impressive technology to the visitors of the research facilities, which will result in more exposure for our project. The unique location and their network will be a valuable source of exposure for us, and will allow us to show the sector our functioning system. We are very excited to be collaborating with our partners at the Dairy Campus, and are looking forward to the start of the project.

The project for concentrating milk on-farm, in which costs of transport and energy can be lowered for farmers, as received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement nº 777795.

Interested in learning more about concentrating milk on the farm? Feel free to contact Jos van Dalfsen, R&D Manager, via:

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