Wafilin delivers solution to leading producer within the food industry

At Wafilin Systems, we keep on innovating. In recent months, a team of specialists has worked hard on designing and developing a Reverse Osmosis (RO) System. Smart and flexible, this is the so-called ‘SmartFlex RO system′. We have developed this system for Döhler, a leading producer of natural flavours, colours and ingredients for the food industry. Together with the customer, we have been able to greatly increase their plant’s capacity. In this article, Jan Michielse, Technical Manager at Döhler, shares how Wafilin Systems came up with a solution for a specific challenge in Döhler’s production process.

Expanding the existing plant

Technical Manager Jan Michielse has worked for Döhler for 22 years. He is responsible for maintenance and engineering at a number of Döhler sites. “At Technology, we’re always looking for ways to optimise our production processes in terms of performance and quality,” he says. “Our main challenge here is to approach this as creatively as possible and to come up with innovative solutions.” This is why, after the decision had been made to add an RO system to the Roggel plant, Michielse contacted Wafilin Systems.

Reference visits

The two companies are no strangers: Harry van Dalfsen, Technical Director at Wafilin Systems, has known Theo Viersen, R&D Technologist at Döhler, for over 20 years. This is how the initial discussions regarding a joint project came about. “Döhler already knew about Wafilin’s expertise and experience,” says Harry. “When they decided it was time to purchase a new RO system, they first made a number of reference visits to some of the systems we had delivered at clients such as Avebe and a beer brewery.” Döhler was very impressed with their work, and the two companies started talking about Wafilin delivering the system.

SmartFlex RO system

Our SmartFlex RO system helped Wafilin deliver a custom installation in a short time. “The main advantage of this RO system is that it is much more compact and economical to use than Döhler’s existing systems,” says Harry. “Our system helps increase the company’s production capacity, which in turns enables them to better meet the needs and requirements of their customers.” Wafilin managed to have the system up and running within three months, led by Gerrit Klein, Project Manager, and Erwin Blauw, Technical Sales Engineer.

Positive experience

Both companies are very happy with the collaboration. “During the quotation process and over various conversations we had with Wafilin, we discovered that they, too, think carefully about other ways of managing a process,” says Michielse. “We had some great creative sessions, which ultimately resulted in a solution that perfectly suits us.” Wafilin, too, is very pleased with how the project went. “We worked together smoothly and constructively. There were no major hitches and we were able to deliver a great system. I’m very proud of what our team has achieved,” says Harry.

Looking ahead

Both parties see opportunities to take their collaboration to the next level in the future. “With our knowledge and skills, we can support Döhler in their mission to keep optimising their processes. Both companies strongly believe in constant innovation, and they’ve found each other in their shared vision. I’m convinced that our relationship will result in many more great projects,” Harry concludes.

If you like would like to learn more about how we help companies optimise their processes with our innovative SmartFlex systems, please contact Gerbrand Siegersma, Account Manager at Wafilin Systems: g.siegersma@wafilinsystems.nl

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