Wafilin continues to grow and expands its storage space for mobile pilot units

The pilot units are an important link in our process of designing innovative filtration solutions. In the past years, our mobile pilot park has expanded rapidly, making the existing storage too small. That is one of the main reasons why it was decided to move to a larger facility in Leeuwarden .Under the leadership of Emile Lammers, time has also been taken to reorganize the new storage space for the pilot units, according our standards.

Our pilot units are used to test different types of polymeric and ceramic membranes such as tubular, spiral wound and hollow fiber. In the exploratory phase, we determine in collaboration with the customer which type of membrane and under which conditions is performs most optimal. Conducting research with our pilot units helps us to collect all necessary data in order to offer an appropriate solution to the customer.
Technical sales engineer, Emile Lammers, who acted as project manager for the design of the storage, is satisfied with the new development. He says: “This new storage space gives us the opportunity to safely store our growing collection of pilot units. But also, to prepare them efficiently and adequately for research on location at our client where we provide customized support.

Our R&D Manager Jos van Dalfsen adds: “We want to continue to be able to actively respond to the needs of our customers and partners, which is why we are expanding our range of MF, UF, NF and RO pilot units. For example, a new Ceramic Microfiltration pilot unit has recently been added and we are upgrading existing units. And in order to be able to continue to deliver the desired flexibility and service, we focused on setting up our new storage space here in Leeuwarden, where we can prepare, maintain and store our beautiful collection of pilot units ”, says Jos van Dalfsen, R&D Manager.

Emile looks back on the design process with satisfaction: “It was a matter of good teamwork, something which we are known for at Wafilin. The warehouse is now fully equipped, and all pilots are ready for use”.

If you are interested in our range of pilots or if you have an interesting question, please contact Jos van Dalfsen, our R&D Manager: j.vandalfsen@wafilinsystems.nl.

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