Wafilin first user in new innovation center for food technology

Van Hall Larenstein and Wafilin Systems signed a long-term cooperation agreement on Thursday 8 March 2018. Wafilin Systems will use the new facilities of the Food Application Center for Technology (FACT) at Van Hall Larenstein for product development and process optimization for sustainable food processing in general and dairy products in particular.

Wafilin is also going to develop and deliver advanced membrane filtration systems for the FACT. The closing of cycles, the use of residual flows and the valorisation of raw materials are eminent themes in which membrane technology plays an important role. In this context Wafilin Systems is working on concentrating / concentrating raw milk on the farm, among other things. This technology has recently been rewarded with the Water Alliance Innovation Stimulation (WIS) award. The extensive and specially developed membrane filtration process configuration in the FACT will be used for further development.

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