Wafilin secures international project for Mona Dairy

As a company, we have chosen to focus on the Food & Dairy industries as we believe that we can deliver value to companies active in these industries, through our innovative membrane systems. Over the years, we have taken big steps to establish ourselves further in these markets, by sharing our vision with  potential clients. A couple of weeks ago, this hard work was rewarded, as we secured our first international project in the dairy industry!

We are talking about Mona Dairy, a new dairy company in The United Kingdom which has a focus on the production of cheese and concentrated milk products, which will be exported out of the UK. The company is founded by business owner and farmer David Wynne-Fynch, together with other business partners.

In order to minimize the cost of transport, it is required to reduce the volume of the milk and whey as much as possible. This is where we come in, as using membrane filtration for the first steps of the process is the most energy-efficient solution.

Our Account Manager, Gerbrand Siegersma, was involved in the early stages of this project in 2017 and always kept following the project from a distance. When Gerbrand joined Wafilin Systems he contacted Mona Dairy to inform them of Wafilin Systems portfolio of membrane systems for dairy applications, which has resulted in this project through his contact with Ronald Akkerman, Project Manager for Mona Dairy.

Ronald explains why they chose Wafilin Systems for this project: “We were pleased with the preparedness of Wafilin Systems for a far-reaching cooperation on various fronts, from using our preferred components in the design of the system to seamlessly working together with our E&I partner to make sure that the system can be fully integrated in the operating system of the factory”. He also notes the fact that both companies are still quite new, and that their ‘start-up’ mentality connects the two companies. Overall, Mona Dairy felt that Wafilin would be an excellent partner to work with”.

Gerbrand was responsible for securing this exciting project and explains his feeling about this project: “I am very happy that we managed to convince Mona Dairy of our expertise, and that we will be able to deliver an innovative system that will meet all of their demands. For us, this is a big step towards reaching our goal: expanding our business in the international dairy industry”.

Ronald is also enthusiastic about the collaboration, and feels that Wafilin will be a valuable partner for Mona Dairy in the future:  “This project is the first step in a long-lasting collaboration with Wafilin Systems. We have already identified several cases in which membrane solutions will play a huge role, and Wafilin Systems will be able to support us on all fronts, from the R&D phase of developing new products to future optimization of the factory”.

The new membrane system will be delivered, installed and commissioned at the end of 2020 by our project team at the Mona Dairy factory in Wales. Throughout the year, we will be keeping you up to date through our monthly newsletter.

Are you interested in hearing more about Wafilin Systems solutions for the Dairy industry? Please contact our Account Manager Gerbrand Siegersma: g.siegersma@wafilinsystems.nl.

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