Wafilin shares the benefits of using demo-sites during Waterlink 2020

Earlier this month, the Water Alliance celebrated their 10th anniversary during Waterlink 2020. As one of the first members of the Water Alliance, and long-time contributor to successes of the company, we were present to celebrate and to share our experiences on collaborating with the audience.

The event started off with a panel discussion on the history of the Water Alliance, during which Jos van Dalfsen, R&D Manager of Wafilin Systems, shared the history of the collaboration between Wafilin and the Water alliance. Throughout the years, we have been able to contribute to the growth of the Water Alliance, and many successes were booked through our combined efforts. One example of this is Wafilin winning the WIS Award in 2017, during which the Water Alliance promoted us through their PR efforts.

After the main presentation, several workshops were hosted, one of which being focused on the benefits of using demo-sites offered by the Water Campus, given by several entrepreneurs. Wafilin  is using two of these facilities, the FACT (Food Application Center for Technology) and the WAC (Water Application Center) for their R&D for many years.

It was because of this that during the workshop, Jos also got on stage to share his experience with these  facilities: “We were asked by the Water Alliance to give a presentation on our experience with the use of demo-sites. We are conducting pilot studies at the FACT and the WAC at Van Hall Larenstein, which provide us with  space and utilities to use our pilot units for testing for our customers. It is because of these unique facilities that we are able to design and deliver our tailor-made membrane systems to our customers. Together with the Water Alliance, we wanted to show the attendees how a demo-site might be of use to them as well, by showing how this can help them bring their ideas to the market at an accelerated rate” he states.

We hope that we have inspired many more companies to look into the opportunities that facilities such as the WAC and FACT can offer, and we are looking forward to collaborate many more fruitful years with the Water Alliance.

Interested in learning more about demo-sites? Feel free to contact Jos van Dalfsen at j.vandalfsen@wafilinsytems.nl

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