Wafilin Systems offers membrane replacement

We think it’s important to give our customers the attention they deserve and make their lives as easy as possible. In line with this vision, we developed the idea of starting up an After-Sales Service. This enables us to help customers in numerous ways, including with the maintenance of membrane systems supplied previously. This article focuses on one of the operations that falls within our new After-Sales Service: membrane replacement.

The membranes used to concentrate or filter various substances from (residual) flows are the critical components of our systems. It’s therefore crucial that these membranes keep working as long as possible and as effectively as possible, so the customer derives as much value from them as possible. That said, a membrane has a limited lifespan – subject to the application, this will be anything between one and five years. When the membrane is no longer functioning as well as it should and is perhaps no longer capable of delivering the required quality and/or capacity, it must be replaced.

For Henk Schonewille, CEO of Wafilin Systems, a top priority is therefore to support customers properly in this regard, by actively thinking in tandem with them during use and maintenance of the membrane system supplied. “We have so much knowledge, experience and expertise in-house. We’re more than happy to work with the customer to ensure that the service life of a membrane is maximised and then decide together with the customer when is the best time to replace it”.

According to Schonewille, our independence is our greatest advantage when it comes to replacing membranes: “Because we’re independent, we have a very wide range of membranes at our disposal. We have access to all the membranes available on the market – from spiral-wound to capillary and from tubular to ceramic.  This means we can offer the customer the best membrane at the best price. We also support our customers while the membrane is installed and when starting up the new membrane installation.”

Although we have significant experience of replacing membranes, we want to go a step further by launching our After-Sales Service. Schonewille explains further: “This was always something we did in a reactive way; we want to approach it proactively from now on. We can then offer existing and new customers even better support when operating and optimising their systems. From planning and organisation to active collaboration on the shop floor”.

Would you like to find out more about our capabilities in membrane replacement, and how we can support your company with this? Please contact Eric van der Wal, After Sales Manager: e.vanderwal@wafilinsystems.nl

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