Wafilin Systems service rated with an 8.2

Our mission is to create innovative membrane solutions and establish long-term partnerships in the areas of development, design, realization and optimisation. We are working together with our customers to find the best solutions. That means it is important to understand their needs, what they appreciate and where we can improve. To that end, we conduct an annual customer satisfaction survey.

Earlier this year, our strategic marketing consultant Ruth Rottiné and online marketeer Liesbeth de Hoop of marketing agency Wettermerk interviewed several national and international customers. These interviews focused on customer orientation, communication, reliability and presentation.

Valuable sparring partner

Our customers rate our service with an 8.2 “We are proud of that rating. We constantly  work to assure our customers of the best possible quality and service. It’s good to know that they appreciate of our efforts so much,” says Henk Schonewille, Wafilin Systems CEO.

During the interviews, respondents indicated that they see Wafilin Systems as a highly innovative company and a valuable sparring partner, expert in membrane technology, with an engaged, motivated team that is very flexible and collaborative. One respondent adds, “Projects are handled with great care and all our wishes are met. As a customer, they really take as much as possible out of your hands to make it happen.”

Customer-specific training

The survey also revealed customers’ interest in increasing their knowledge of membrane technology, to be able to use membrane filtration systems more efficiently. As a respondent relates, “Once we are in the optimisation phase, training will be a valuable asset. We can learn more about membrane maintenance, cleaning techniques and ways to (further) optimize the performance of the system.”

Actively addressing feedback

We are constantly looking for ways to further improve our business. We are therefore grateful for the feedback we have received. Our customers have offered various valuable suggestions, which will allow us to further improve our services and go that extra mile. For example, we have started on the optimisation of our website and are working to expand our customer-specific training options.

Curious about our services and our efforts to assure our customers of the highest quality? Contact CEO Henk Schonewille, free of obligation, at h.schonewille@wafilinsystems.nl.

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