Wafilin Systems stays involved, even after system delivery

Wafilin Systems has grown considerably over the past couple of years, delivering more and more systems to customers in the food and dairy industry. This growth comes with opportunities. Wafilin System’s involvement doesn’t end after the delivery of its systems. We provide end-to-end membrane filtration solutions and build long-term relationships with our customers. This way, we continue to support our customers even after delivery. This is why Wafilin Systems has started expanding its activities by offering After Sales Service.

From reactive to proactive

Until recently, Wafilin Systems had a reactive approach to maintaining the systems it delivers to customers. This includes replacing membranes, providing training to operators, and troubleshooting. Wafilin Systems has now moved to a proactive method that sees the company provide customised services to its customers. Eric van der Wal, Technical Sales Engineer at Wafilin Systems, will be the one setting up and providing the After Sales Service.

How the After Sales Service came about

“We have noticed that our customers appreciate ongoing support. We have the skills and expertise to ensure the optimal performance of our membrane filtration systems,” says Eric. “By adopting a proactive, customer-oriented approach with After Sales, we can significantly expand the range of services we offer. Our support increases the efficiency of our systems, which in turn means lower costs for the customer because of the extended durability of membranes, lower energy costs, and a decrease in the use of chemicals, for instance.”

Providing After Sales Service is in line with the goals Wafilin Systems has set itself. As such it’s a logical next step, according to Henk Schonewille, CEO of Wafilin Systems. “Here at Wafilin Systems, we follow the Big Five for Life method. From our Big Five, created for our customers, we absolutely want to be the number one membrane specialist and build long-term partnerships with our customers. These two goals resulted in the idea of After Sales Service.” Henk also believes Eric is the perfect candidate to take on these activities. “Eric is our most experienced employee and knows almost all of the systems we have delivered. Because of his knowledge, combined with his personal competencies, I am convinced that Eric is a good match for this challenging position.”

A wide range of possibilities

The After Sales Service will deliver customised solutions, as every costumer has different needs. Wafilin Systems will be working on a case-by-case basis to provide the best possible solution for its various customers. This will include membrane replacements, training, and troubleshooting, as well as optimisation and expansion. This may happen on a case-by-case basis, or by entering into long-term service contracts. “Initially, we will be offering After Sales Service to our own customers, but we’re also perfectly positioned to maintain systems from other suppliers. This way, we want to serve as many companies in the food and dairy industry as possible,” says Eric.

 Looking ahead

Eric sees a bright future for After Sales Service: “Due to the continuous growth of the company, we keep extending our installed base of systems. This growth creates opportunities for us to generate business, both with existing customers and new ones. By pro-actively anticipating on opportunities, we can support more and more customers. I’m convinced that After Sales will play a major role in the future of Wafilin Systems and I look forward to making this happen, together with my colleagues.”

Contact Eric

Wafilin Systems is working hard on providing the best possible After Sales Service and convincing customers of its strong focus on service. This will help the company build even more meaningful relationships.

Would you like to know what our After Sales Service can do for your company? Please contact Eric van der Wal, our After Sales Manager: e.vanderwal@wafilinsystems.nl

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