Wafilin’s Applied Membrane Technology Training

At Wafilin, the membrane always plays a central role. Our knowledge and experience over the past 50 years are daily exhibited by our customers. Our applications are always developed in close cooperation with our customers, through sharing mutual ideas and our expertise. For example, in the past years, we have given dedicated training courses regarding membrane technology and membrane applications to various customers. Through recent conversations with potential customers and partners have indicated that there is a need for specific training about membrane technology, in particular with a practical approach. Especially for these technical professionals, Wafilin will organize and facilitate an Applied Membrane Technology Training with tailor-made components in the autumn of this year.

The training will highlight the different membrane types, concepts, and techniques, but especially the factors that can influence the performance of membrane filtration processes during operation and how membrane filtration can be integrated into the total production process.

In addition, participants will have the opportunity to perform various practical tests on our pilots in our own research facilities at the Water Application Centre (WAC) and in the Food Application Centre for Technology (FACT) at the WaterCampus in Leeuwarden. During these pilot tests, technical operating details will be explained and discussed; measuring and calculating of the flux, optimization of the operating parameters that can influence the process and membrane performance.
Also cleaning of membranes (CIP) will be discussed, as this is one of the most important challenges in membrane technology in general.

In close cooperation with our participants, we will determine the topics to be covered during this tailor-made training. This also gives you the opportunity to submit wishes, ideas or suggestions if you, possibly for your operators or technical staff members, are interested in this training.

Please let us know if you are interested in this special service and send an email to the organizer Ruth Rottiné: communication@wafilinsystems.nl before 31st of May.

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