You can rely on us!

“The world is changing, and with our technologies we are helping to change the world”. That was our slogan during the contest for the Entrepreneurship Award of Leeuwarden. Now one month later the world has completely changed, but now in another perspective. It’s now about staying healthy, surviving and helping each other to overcome this period.”

At the moment I am mainly working from home, and I am still very occupied throughout the day, whether it is through a meeting with the team through online conference calls, having contact with one of our clients or suppliers, or supporting my staff in their daily work. We from Wafilin aim to keep on delivering our services to our valued customers, who are part of the food supply chain and who are asking us to continue with supporting them to ensure that their systems keep running and new projects are delivered on time.  I am very proud to say that, until now, we have been more than capable to fulfill all requests of our customers, and we aim to do so, and even more,  in the near future.

My team has not been sitting still either; Geeske is continuing our bookkeeping from home and Jos and Harry have been busy with moving our continuously growing amount of mobile membrane filtration pilot units to our new facility in Leeuwarden, close to the WaterCampus. This expansion of our premises is very important to us, and for me, it is another proof of the growth that we went through over the last couple of years.

Speaking of our pilot units, the pilot trials that we conduct for our customers also continue as Emile has been working on a customer’s site and in the Water Application Centre respectively to execute tests to collect data for selecting the best membrane solutions for our customers’ processes for future projects. More pilot trials are already scheduled for the coming weeks, and we intend to keep conducting these tests for our customers as long as the situation allows us to do so.

Fortunately, we are in the luxury position that in the past few months we have secured several new projects in the Food & Dairy. Eric, Thomas, Erwin, and Robert are fully active to working on these projects and make necessary preparations to ensure that we can deliver the systems on time to our customers. In the last week Gerbrand, secured another milestone project for a big dairy factory in the UK and we already started the design and planning of it.

We also keep expanding our team and added Gerrit Klein as Manager Operations a.i. to the team to ensure that all running and new projects are managed properly to ensure on-time delivery. Gerrit already worked for us as Projectmanager for the Avebe Ducam project and with his experience and seniority, he brings the required skills to support our team.

Last but not least we hired Rick van der Kooi, as our new Junior Marketeer who will support Ruth at the marketing department.  For the last couple of months, he has been working behind the scenes on various Marketing and Communications- related tasks as a graduation intern and will officially join the Wafilin team in April. He will be our first point of contact to receive all of your questions and inquiries and forward them to one of our team members, who will surely be able to follow up accordingly. You can contact Rick via his email: Rick will be introducing himself in April’s newsletter.

I personally keep the communication regarding COVID-19 flowing and constantly updated and take measures if necessary, especially to my team so they know what’s going on and can give reassurances to our customers.

To you, our valued customers and partners: “You can always rely on us, the MASTERS IN MEMBRAINS! We will continue to strive for a better future here at Wafilin Systems, and will always be available to assist you whenever you need us. Our passion is what drives us, and you allow us to channel our passion through our work every day. Together we can make a difference, even in this changing world!

With kind regards,

Henk Schonewille

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