Tailor-made membrane technology training

Recently we shared with you that customers and other partners had indicated that they were interested in following an applied membrane technology training given by the masters at Wafilin. In that article, we asked our newsletter readers to submit topics for designing their desired training program.  Based on that question, we’ve entered into discussions with a number of customers.

We have received feedback from various customers and partners and we like to thank them for that.
It appears that the exact program for such training will need to be customized for each individual customer. We have made agreements with a number of customers to investigate how such tailor-made training can be developed based on the objectives of these customers.

The next step

In an introductory meeting regarding the training, we will determine the content of the training with the company based on the company’s objectives and the results to be achieved. In a follow-up meeting, we will check if the tailor-made training meets the needs of the company. Basically it always concerns the membranes and the use of that. We explain and teach how to deal with this smart technology, and we share our practical experience, in an interactive form.

Possible topics in tailor-made training are:

  1. Different membrane types, concepts and techniques
  2. Factors that influence the performance of membrane filtration processes during operation
  3. Cleaning the membrane (CIP)

Our training is entirely focused on the practical side. In all cases, the participants will learn new skills and applied knowledge about membrane technology. After the training, we will continue to assist our customers with feedback and advice with possible coaching on the job.

More information

If you, as a customer, also want to make use of this service, you can, of course, contact our facilitator of these training Ruth Rottiné: communication@wafilinsystems.nl. She will gladly help you further.

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