Sharing our vision on ‘waste’ water during Starch World Asia 2020

As part of our growing international focus, our R&D Manager Jos van Dalfsen traveled to
Thailand this month to attend Starch World Asia 2020, the premier event for companies within
the starch industry where they can share their knowledge surrounding cultivation, the production
of starch and innovation. We got the opportunity to share our vision on the treatment of process
water in starch production, during which we presented the possibilities regarding the re-use of
water, energy saving and extracting plant-based resources. We were very eager to share our
knowledge here, in order to help promote the circular economy, and help the Asian starch market
discover the hidden values in their process streams.

A total of 125 representatives from the starch industry attended the conference during which Jos
was presenting. They were interested in learning more about the treatment of process-water, as
this is uncommon in the starch industry outside of Europe. There are many chances for the
industry to extract hidden values from these streams, but there is currently a lack of membrane
knowledge and technology in these markets. Through our presentation we were able to show the
attendees the possibilities that membranes offer, and this in turn resulted in many questions from
the attendees.

Another important reason for our attendance was to get to know the Asian starch market. With
good reason: this year, we have partnered up with Larsson Sweden, who have been active in the
starch industry for more than 75 years, and have a major presence in Asia. We have presented our
collaboration and ambitions during the conference. Together, we believe that we will be able to
better anticipate the developments in the industry surrounding sustainability, resource extraction
and water and energy recovery.

Through this collaboration, we will be combining our knowledge on separation technology.
Together, we have more than 100 years of knowledge on the topic of filtering process streams
and extract valuable components. The processes that Larsson designs will fit perfectly with our
membrane systems, which means that we will be able to deliver the complete package to the
customer, together. With this, we will be able to contribute to the transition to the re-use of
process water, saving of energy and resource recovery.

For the coming year, both the companies focus on performing market research, process design
and, eventually, the development of a demonstration project to be able to save water from various
starch sources, and extract high-quality proteins. We are very excited to see what our partnership
with Larsson will bring us in the future, and to be able to contribute to a more circular economy
in the Asian starch industry

Interested in learning more about our partnership with Larsson? The full article can be read here.

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