After sales service

Our involvement with the customer does not end with the delivery of a project. We value the long-term relationships with our customers and partners. Our after sales department is at your service to guarantee reliable membrane processes in the future.

Membrane replacement and spare parts
Support and troubleshooting
Monitoring and optimisation

After sales service

Our concern for the customer does not end with the delivery of membrane filtration systems. We provide all-in-one solutions, and build on long-term cooperation, in which wconsider our customer as partner. Through our expertise and years of experience we offer customer-based service and support. 

Our after-sales department offers membrane and spare parts replacement services. We monitor the membrane process of the customer and optimize where necessary. During the evaluation of a membrane process, we also assess the CIP protocol. By offering expert support the lifetime of membranes can be extended and water, energy and chemical consumption is reduced. 

Customisation of our services

Because every client has its own unique needs, we offer customer-based solutions. We take care of your needs and analyse the process to find an optimal approach and provide service and support tailored to your requirements.

We offer:

  • Membrane replacement
  • Spare parts
  • Monitoring and optimisation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Training and support
  • Service Level Agreements
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Membrane replacement

The membranes are the heart of every filtration system. Insufficient maintenance can have a big impact on costs and reduce performance. Through timely replacement, we can ensure your system’s performance. With our current market knowledge, we supply the latest information in the field of membrane developments. In addition, we offer membrane selection research in our application centre or at the customer’s site. 


Spare parts

Spare parts are all consumable parts of the system besides the membranes themselves. These are divided into membrane-related parts, which are often replaced at the same time as the membranes, and system-related parts such as pumps, instrumentation and valves. Working with Wafilin Systems offers you a number of benefits: collaborating with a local partner ensures prompt delivery and flexibility.

Spare parts

Monitoring and optimisation

Whether you have new membrane filtration system needs due to changes in the production process or if you need to optimise an existing plant, we are there to assist you. We offer support in optimizing plants, structural modification, or design and engineer expansion of existing processes.


Production plant downtime can have serious consequences. Wafilin Systems can support you to resolve any urgent process issues or other problems with your system. As your partner, we act quickly and provide the right solution or advice.




Operating membrane systems requires certain expertise and practical knowledge. That is why we offer training and support for process operators, technologists, plant managers and service staff. We tailor our training to your needs. These programmes can consist of both theoretical knowledge and/or practical, on-the-job training. After the programme, the staff is able operate the system and have received the required basic knowledge of membranes


Service Level Agreements

If you are looking for a full-service solution and support, we can design Service Level Agreement of the aforementioned services – tailored to your needs, your company and your situation.  

Service contract

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With Wafilin Systems, you are in good hands. They have a committed team and a lot of expertise. A project is handled with care and after the delivery, they stay involved.

Sierd Hamstra Project Manager at Attero