Meet our new Project Engineer!

A new member has joined our team of membrane specialists in order to keep growing our business. Robert van der Veen, 33, lives in Wolvega together with his wife Tessa and their two children, Stijn and Joris. His interesting career, in which he has held many positions within mechanical engineering and project management, has lead him to the office of Wafilin Systems, where he will be strengthening our team as our new Project Engineer

Within his new role as Project Engineer, Robert will be responsible for the mechanical engineering part of Wafilin’s activities. This means that he will be actively converting the P&ID’s supplied to him by the Technical Sales Engineers into technical drawings, in which he will specifically detail each part of the system. Afterwards he will help the project leader with ordering the right parts, and will do the technical documentation. As Robert puts it himself: “I design out the systems that the Technical Sales Engineers come up with”.

Robert’s new position at Wafilin as our mechanical engineering expert has a number of benefits; First of all, the fact that we now work at Wafilin means that the lines of communication will be much shorter. This means that projects will likely be realized much quicker as a result. The fact that Robert works internally for Wafilin also means that he will be able to specialize himself in designing filtration systems as opposed to an external mechanical engineer. Not only will this streamline the process within the company, but this focus will also ensure the quality of the design, and will  make for more effective communication with the customer. It will also be easier to design systems for customers with limited space available, and it will enable Wafilin to deploy mechanical engineering support for smaller projects as well, which was more difficult in the past.

Prior to joining our team, he had already built an impressive career in the technical field, having started as a Process Engineer for Phillips after completing his Bachelor studies in Mechanical Engineering in Leeuwarden. After being responsible for optimization activities for this companies, he has held various other functions in engineering and project management.

For Robert, who was actively looking for a new job in which he could combine his passion for technology with his experience in project management, choosing for Wafilin was the obvious choice. The job description appealed to him, and his previous experience within pipework’s made him eager to delve into the topic of membrane filtration. Another plus for Robert was that Wafilin does currently not have a mechanical engineering department yet, which means that he could be actively involved in shaping the department, and bring in fresh, new ideas.

We are very happy to have Robert on board, as his experience will surely help us implement mechanical engineering in our work, and believe that his experience in mechanical engineering will have a positive effect on the engineering team.

Interested in learning more about Robert and his work here at Wafilin? Feel free to contact him at


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