Transforming the beverage industry through cutting-edge membrane filtration

The beverage industry is constantly evolving, driven by changing consumer preferences and societal trends. At a time when health, awareness and sustainability are high on the agenda, we are seeing interesting developments in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. In order to meet the changing consumers’ needs, the beverage industry is challenged to find innovative solutions.

Growing popularity of healthier and alcohol-free drinks

One noticeable trend is the growing interest in low-calorie (alcoholic) beverages. More and more consumers are concerned about how their lifestyle affects their health, leading them to look for lower-calorie drinks. At the same time, we see a higher demand for non-alcoholic beverages. Whether it is to avoid alcohol in certain situations or simply as a conscious choice for a healthier lifestyle, alcohol-free drinks are growing in popularity.

Producing high-quality product with membrane filtration

As Masters in Membrains, we develop unique membrane filtration systems to meet our clients’ challenges. We believe our smart, groundbreaking membrane filtration systems are the key to success in producing high-quality products. The filtration process is a mild process and can extract valuable components such as proteins and sugars but also helps preserve the desired original taste of the raw materials, while removing bacteria, spores, and bitterness from products. With our focus on alcohol purification, juice concentration, clarification, and beer clarification, our solutions empower the beverage industry to respond to the evolving consumers’ needs.


With the growing popularity of non-alcoholic beers, we offer effective dealcoholizing solutions. Using membrane filtration techniques, it is possible to remove alcohol without affecting the characteristics of the product, preserving flavor and aroma and improve product quality. This makes it the perfect way for producing non-alcoholic beer, ciders and spirits.

Alcohol Purification

With our Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis technology, we purify the alcohol solution while improving the quality of the final product. It produces a colourless and odourless alcohol solution containing the desired amount of alcohol. The purified alcohol solution can be used in low-calorie alcoholic (mixed) drinks, for example.

Beer clarification

Our microfiltration technology is also used in beer, wine and juice clarification. This beverages are clarified by removing undissolved material such as yeast cells, fibers and solids. Filtering the yeast from the solution, while preserving essential quality characteristics such as flavour stability, colour, aroma and shelf life, results in a clear drink without affecting the alcohol content and composition.

Juice Concentration and clarification

By concentrating fruit juices, we can achieve significant cost savings in transport and or evaporation. The benefits of these membrane filtration solutions are noticeable in energy savings. And this form of mild processing has a positive impact on  product quality, better preservation of flavour and higher yields of valuable ingredients. As a result, producers are able to preserve natural and healthy ingredients.

Key partner for beverage industry

No matter which application you’re looking for, Wafilin is the partner the industry needs. Get in touch with our Master in Membrains and discover how our cutting-edge membrane filtration solutions can transform your processes and strengthen your market position.

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