Wafilin keeps growing: meet our newest technical sales engineer

Emile (21) is the newest addition to our team of membrane specialists. Originally from Julianadorp, Noord-Holland, he joined the company in September, just after receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, majoring in Process Technologies, at Van Hall Larenstein in Leeuwarden. The choice for pursuing a career in Chemical Engineering had been clear for Emile since high school: “I always enjoyed the more technical subjects in high school, such as Chemistry. I came across the Chemical Engineering program while orienting myself on which study I wanted to do, and it immediately clicked”. Through his study he was already introduced to Wafilin Systems; one of Wafilin’s Technical Sales Engineers had previously given a guest lecture at his university.

Emile was invited to the Wafilin office in Leeuwarden after a phone call with his former teacher Petra van Dalfsen, who also happens to be Jos van Dalfsen’s wife. After learning more about Wafilin Systems, he agreed to a second interview, after which the decision was quickly made by both parties: Emile joined the company as a Junior Technical Sales Engineer in September 2019.

For Emile, the reason why he wanted to join Wafilin was clear: “My work at Wafilin Systems allows me to experience the entire process from beginning to end. This makes the job very varied and gives me the opportunity to learn new things every day. I also appreciate the opportunity to work with a vast array of different clients”.  This, in combination with his affinity with process technology, convinced him that Wafilin Systems was the right company for him.

Within Wafilin Systems, Emile has filled the position of Junior Technical Sales Engineer. “This means that I am currently focused on performing tests, assisting the other engineers in their work, and getting to know Wafilin’s clients”. He will steadily get to know the entire process from front to end with the help of his colleagues. When asked what his current learning goals are, Emile states the following: “To be able to deliver customer-oriented solutions to Wafilin’s clients, as well as learning how to better communicate with said clients”. Emile has a clear vision on how he is going to reach his learning goals: “The best way for me to reach my goals is to gain experience within the field. I have already done some tests with customers,  and I also tend to observe my colleagues during their work in order to learn more”. His long-term goals are also clear as day: “My dream is to be able to design my own membrane system from the beginning to the end, and to leave the customer satisfied with said system”.

Emile’s hard-working and persevering personality also shines through in his free time: “My favorite past-time activity is running. It is not only a good way to clear my head, but I also enjoy the more competitive aspect of it as I used to practice athletics. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment”. His other hobbies include social activities with friends and gaming.

As an introduction to how Wafilin works as an organization, Emile got to go to Ouwehands Dierenpark in Rhenen together with Gerbrand Siegersma, our Accountmanager, to follow the “Big Five for Life” Life Safari workshop. Through this workshop, attendants will be able to identify the 5 goals that are the most important to them in life. Emile found this session to be very productive and states “ in contrast to the other attendees, I tend to look to the future. I was able to use this workshop to identify what I want in life, and how I will be able to reach this”.

As a company, we are very happy to have Emile on board. We are sure that this young Junior Technical Sales Engineer has a bright future ahead of him here at Wafilin, and that we will be able to put his talents to good use!

If you are also talented, hard-working and if you enjoy learning new things, Emile thinks that Wafilin Systems might be able to offer you a great opportunity for an exciting career in Membrane Technology.

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