Wafilin Systems will collaborate with the study association Reholitas

Last Friday Henk Schonewille signed a sponsor contract with chairman Mark de Boer of the study association Reholitas. The collaboration realizes the possibility of bringing education and business closer to each other and especially helps the parties to realize their joint ambitions and objectives.

For Wafilin, entering into cooperation with the Reholitas study association is no more than a matter of course. The developments in the new economy and the continuing growth of the company make the company realize that investing in future talent requires constant attention. Henk Schonewille, CEO of Wafilin Systems explains: “We are growing and to make our organization future-proof it is necessary to bind and fascinate the talent from our own region Leeuwarden. Strategic multi-year personnel planning is one of the pillars that ensures that we can anchor our vision of HR: training and development of passionated, vital and skilled masters.”

The cooperation extends from substantive activities such as giving lectures and workshops and initiating excursions to sharing the knowledge and skills-training that are needed in workplaces. Activities that help Reholitas provide their members with specialized know-how. More about Reholitas: http://www.reholitas.nl/.

We are looking forward to this collaboration.

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